The Best Low Acid Coffee K-Cups That Are Stomach-Friendly

There are millions and millions of coffee drinkers all over the world. And most of them devour the beverage simply to have an active, energetic, and productive day. Waking you up from your morning slumber is what caffeine knows how to do best. However, coffee doesn’t know how to keep a sensitive gut from getting upset. Well, that’s the job of low acid coffee K-cups!

If you enjoy the convenience of K-cups and, at the same time, wish to prevent acid reflux, heartburn, and tummy troubles, then your morning companion should be Keurig-friendly pods packed with low acid coffee.

In that context, let me introduce you to the top 5 of the lot.

Best K-Cups with Low Acid Coffee

1. Puroast Coffee Low Acid Coffee Keurig K-Cup Pods

Puroast Coffee Low Acid Coffee Keurig K-Cup Pods

Low acid coffee indeed, but it doesn’t just taste good for what it is. What I mean to say is that this dark roast low acid Puroast offers way higher antioxidants in comparison to green tea. With its 70-percent less acidity and no bitter aftertaste, your mornings are marked by delicious, smooth cups of coffee.

It’s got no extractions or additives in case you’re wondering. Plus, it’s Kosher-certified and calorie-free too.

Key Features

  • Very smooth dark French roast
  • 70% less acid and 7X more antioxidants
  • Gluten-free, calorie-fee, Kosher-certified

2. TRUCUP Stuck in the Middle Medium Roast Low Acid Coffee Pods

TRUCUP Stuck in the Middle Medium Roast Low Acid Coffee Pods

Two words that best describe the flavor here are smooth and mellow. This medium roast, needless to say, consists of gentle, low acid coffee ideal for coffee lovers dealing with GERD, irritable stomachs, gastritis, and peptic ulcers.

Sweetly smooth and well-balanced, Stuck in the Middle coffee pods deliver a mellow flavor. The complexity and hint of sweetness prepare a moderate brew that, no doubt, is stomach-friendly.

Key Features

  • Sweetly smooth, well-balanced, mellow medium roast
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable coffee pods
  • Clean taste with no bitterness
  • Subjected to chemical-free, natural processing

3. Cafe Don Pedro Variety Pack Arabica Low Acid Coffee Pods

Cafe Don Pedro Variety Pack Arabica Low Acid Coffee Pods

This variety pack includes 12 K-cup pods of each flavor. And the flavors are Southern Pecan, French Vanilla, French Roast, Hazelnut Cream, Colombian Supremo, and Breakfast Blend. Every K-cup contains 100-percent Arabica, low acid coffee. So you don’t have to worry about stomach sensitivities just because you have caffeine cravings.

There’s more amount of coffee in every Keurig-compatible cup that brews a more flavorful and bolder beverage.

Key Features

  • Variety pack includes 6 different flavors
  • 100-percent Arabica, low acid coffee
  • More coffee in each K-cup for a flavorful, bold brew

4. HealthWise Colombian Supremo Low Acid Coffee

HealthWise Colombian Supremo Low Acid Coffee K Cup

So let’s see what’s so great about this Colombian Supremo coffee by HealthWise. Firstly, it’s low acid coffee prepared using the highest grade beans. Secondly, the roasting is carried out in limited batches for preserving consistency, quality, flavor, and aroma.

It’s the unique Techno Roasting method that gets rid of irritants and acids from the coffee without interfering with its levels of antioxidants, essential minerals, and mild, flavorful character. This same roasting process minimizes the harshness and bitterness as well that traditional roasting methods often leave behind.

But if you prefer stronger coffee, then how about espresso K cups for your dark roast cravings!

Key Features

  • Smooth, mellow Colombian Supremo
  • Highest grade Arabica coffee beans
  • Techno Roasting minimizes acidity and bitterness

5. Mitalena Brand Evening Decaf Organic Arabica Low Acid Coffee Pods

Mitalena Brand Evening Decaf Organic Arabica Low Acid Coffee Pods K Cup

It’s time to satisfy those last night coffee cravings with the Evening Decaf blend by Mitalena. On top of that, this is non-GMO, organic Arabica coffee perfect for your fancy single-serve Keurig brewing system.

Decaf because you want to prevent any digestive irritation. And that’s exactly why you’re choosing low acid coffee as well. But if you still want a little bit of caffeine, then try out these half-caff K-cups that are just as flavorful and bold as caffeinated and/or low acid coffee.

Key Features

  • Decaffeinated low acid coffee
  • Non-GMO, organic Arabica coffee
  • More coffee in each cup for a flavorful, bold brew
  • Very flavorful with a mellow taste

6. Tyler’s Coffee Regular Single-Serve K-Cup

Tyler’s Coffee Regular Single-Serve K-Cup

There’s a decaf version of this regular coffee as well, and both are acid-free. Isn’t that amazing!

The brand here employs the exclusive Z-Roasting method to completely eliminate the harmful acids from the coffee. So no IBS, IC, and acid reflux symptoms to struggle with just because you wish to enjoy a cup of very smooth and flavorful coffee every morning.

Key Features

  • Acid-free coffee made with USDA Organic Certified beans
  • The finest AAA Arabica coffee beans used
  • Smooth, flavorful medium roast
  • No upset tummy or caffeine jitters

Coffee and Acidity

As a coffee lover, it’s only natural to be curious about the acidic nature of your brew. Generally speaking, the pH scale (ranging from 0 to 14) determines acidity, right? Anything between 0 and 7 is considered to be acidic. And coffee falls in that particular range, more specifically 4.9 to 5.1. is the pH value on an average.

The most common coffee acids include (from lowest concentration to highest) palmitic, linoleic, phosphoric, malic, lactic, acetic, citric, quinic, and chlorogenic. There are others too by the way.

And these are not a problem as long as your tummy or digestive system isn’t sensitive. Meaning if you have GERD, IBS, gastritis, and the like, then you’d be better off drinking low acid coffee.

Low Acid Coffee – Who Should Drink It?

Coffee may be widely consumed and beneficial for health but that doesn’t mean it’s not harmful to those with digestive troubles.

So if you have GERD, IBS, acid reflux, and other such digestive disorders or even a sensitive tummy, then seriously consider switching to low acid coffee. Because the high acidity levels of regular coffee are very likely to aggravate the symptoms associated with these conditions.

Also, did you know that coffee’s average 5 pH scale has an unfavorable impact on your teeth? It strips away at your teeth enamel. So in the case of even dental sensitivities, choose low acid coffee.

How to Choose Low Acid Coffee K-Cups

How to Choose Low Acid Coffee K-Cups

Here’s how you can narrow down your possibilities.

Type of Low Acid Coffee

There’s treated low acid coffee and inadvertent low acid coffee. The treated version consists of coffee produced by special methods of processing that create low acid. For instance, the slow, interrupted processing technique. Even steaming coffee beans that eliminate the waxy coating produces the same effect.

As for inadvertent low acid coffee, it’s coffee with a naturally low acid level. This is coffee grown at a low elevation in Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, and Sumatra.

Roast Level

How the coffee is roasted naturally determines its acidity levels. Because the temperature and duration of roasting correlate with acidity directly. The higher the temperature and the longer the roasting of the beans, the lower the acidity. This means darker roasts tend to offer lower acidity.


This factor is all about personal preferences. I mean do you enjoy a mild or strong brew? More sweetness or bitterness? However, generally speaking, flavored coffee is more acidic because these beans are grown in a cooler and higher setting to make way for greater complexity of flavors.

On the other hand, coffee grown lower down and in a warmer climate is less acidic. And also less flavorful.


So here’s the deal; Arabica coffee beans are known for their softer, sweeter taste and higher acidity. While Robusta offers lower acidity with lesser sweetness and a stronger and harsher taste.


Whether buying low acid, decaf, or regular coffee K-cups, it’s important to factor in their Keurig compatibility. Most renowned coffee brands manufacture Keurig-friendly K-cups.

But in case you have a different coffee maker, check if the low acid coffee pods you’re buying work with that particular single-serve brewing system.

Last Words

Don’t let high acidity levels of coffee ruin your morning coffee sipping experience. So if you have a sensitive or problematic gut, then go for low acid coffee instead.

There are K-cups for your convenience that are packed with coffee specially processed to drastically reduce or eliminate the acids and potential irritants present in the beans. And worry not about the flavor of the coffee either because these processing methods do not interfere with the rich levels of antioxidants, essential minerals, and flavors.

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