The Best Kona Coffee K Cups for the Most Flavorful, Aromatic

Just pop your favorite K cup in the Keurig coffee machine and your brew is ready in a matter of a few seconds only. And that is why so many coffee drinkers are buying and loving single-serve K cups. And now the courtesy has been extended to Kona coffee K cups as well. Simply because Kona coffee, no doubt, has a very distinctive flavor and taste.

It’s the inevitable outcome of coffee beans derived from coffee plants that are grown in the fertile soils of the Hawaiian volcanic slopes. The fertile and unique conditions of Kona in Hawaii, to be more specific.

So if you have a single-serve coffee brewing system, it’s time for you to broaden your coffee drinking horizon.

The Best Kona Coffee In K Cups Reviewed

1. Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee Farm-Fresh

Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee Farm-Fresh K Cups

This might turn out to be the best coffee you’ve had in years. What with its complex notes, lingering sweetness, and chocolatey aroma! You’ll taste hints of vanilla and almonds too. The full city roast here is the epitome of characteristically blended and rich aromatic Kona coffee.

The coffee beans are, needless today, free of pesticides and herbicides. Plus, they’re hand-picked and sun-dried. Your first impression is bound to be marked by words like smooth taste with no bitterness at all.

Key Features

  • Complex fragrant tones with a lingering sweetness
  • Even though more flavorful and richer, it’s less bitter
  • Compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0

2. Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co.

Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co. K Cups

It has been described as the first splash of sun on an April morning. Kona Classic K-Cups are the brand’s top-selling signature roast, which is a medium roast by the way that appeals to most coffee lovers’ tastes.

The coffee beans are grown in an environment where the natural elements combine to produce exquisite, pure Kona Hawaiian coffee. Then this blend is infused with premium Arabica coffee beans. And the result is really smooth, strong coffee that keeps you awake and alert. And also that leaves you disliking a cup of coffee that tastes even slightly bitter.

Key Features

  • An incredibly smooth-tasting medium roast
  • Blend of Kona coffee and Arabica beans
  • Kosher-certified and gluten-free

3. Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee K Cup

Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee K Cup

Sipping your morning coffee doesn’t necessarily have to be a mundane experience. Now, even in the morning, you can drink the type of coffee normally reserved for just special occasions. If you like what I’m saying, then you’re also sure to like these Kona House Blend K Cups by Hawaiian Gold.

You’re highly likely to appreciate the strong flavor and bold aroma as well. The former, in no way, is overbearing at all. The taste is as smooth as you would desire it to be first thing in the morning. That too with no unpleasant or overthrowing bitterness.

Key Features

  • Strong Kona coffee with a bold aroma
  • 100% Arabica coffee blend
  • Smooth flavor with no bitterness

4. Maud’s Kona Coffee Blend Recyclable Coffee Pods

Maud’s Kona Coffee Blend Recyclable Coffee Pods K Cups

Apart from this Kona Blend, Maud’s is a brand that also offers French Roast, Breakfast Blend, Decaf Dark Roast, and lots more. Just saying in case your caffeine cravings have preferences!

Speaking of decaf coffee, if interested, you can check out these top-selling blends of decaffeinated coffee packed in the convenience of K cups.

Getting back to Maud’s Kona Coffee Blend, it’s a rich, smooth, and heavy-bodied medium roast with low acidity. And with delicious undertones of a nutty, chocolatey flavor. But the best part is that the K cups are 100% recyclable, which matters a lot if you’re an eco-friendly consumer.

Key Features

  • Organic, Fair Trade 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • Medium roast with a rich, heavy, smooth body
  • Recyclable pods with easy-to-peel tabs
  • Works with all single-serve brewers, even Keurig 2.0

5. Kauai Coffee Garden Isle Medium Roast Single-Serve Pods

Kauai Coffee Garden Isle Medium Roast Single-Serve Pods K Cups

These are Keurig-compatible, compostable pods. As for what’s inside, the answer is a genuinely satisfying Kona coffee experience. In the form of 100% Arabica coffee beans that taste utterly delicious and smooth.

The Garden Isle Medium Roast here consists of subtle floral notes and an amazingly bright aroma. And it’s this particular characteristic that makes it possible for you to sip the coffee throughout the day.

Key Features

  • Premium Arabica beans offer a smooth flavor
  • Mellow floral notes with a bright aroma
  • Environment-friendly pods with 35-percent less plastic
  • Keurig-compatible, even with Keurig 2.0

6. Kona Bean Co. 100% Organic Medium Full Roast Kona Coffee

Kona Bean Co. 100% Organic Medium Full Roast Kona Coffee

Firstly, if organic coffee K cups are right up your alley, then maybe you should check out this treasure trove of organic coffee packed in convenient K cups. But if you want the Kona version of those, then here’s 100% Organic Medium Full Roast Kona Coffee K Cups by Kona Bean Co.

Just because the Kona coffee is organic doesn’t mean it’s any less smooth and flavorful. It’s actually a very suitable choice for those who prefer to start their day with low-acid coffee. Your sensitive tummy will certainly thank you for it throughout the day.

The recyclable capsules contain no ordinary Kona coffee. You’re sure to keep coming back for more!

Key Features

  • Mineral-rich volcanic soil Kona coffee
  • Keurig-compatible, recyclable capsules
  • Smooth, rich flavor

7. Hualalai Estate Coffee 100% Kona Coffee Single Serve Cups

Hualalai Estate Coffee 100% Kona Coffee Single Serve Cups

Consider this as a great-tasting reminder of your trip to Hawaii. It’s a medium-dark roast that’s pesticide-free and that comes in recyclable K cups. Each of the 12 single-serve pods is good to go with your Keurig coffee maker, even if it’s 2.0.

Even if you’re a medium brew enthusiast, this medium-dark roast is surprisingly mild and smooth with no bitterness. It’s a bold roast, no doubt, with no acidity and a creamy, nearly nutty flavor.

Key Features

  • Medium-dark roast Kona coffee
  • Strong yet mild with no acidity or bitterness
  • Freshly harvested and pesticide-free
  • Recyclable, Keurig-compatible K cups

8. Victor Allen’s Coffee Kona Blend K Cups

Victor Allen’s Coffee Kona Blend K Cups

Victor Allen’s Coffee Kona Blend K Cups, no doubt, exceed expectations. You get to enjoy ultimate freshness in a matter of a few minutes only. That ultimate freshness presents itself in the form of delicious, full-flavored medium roast Kona coffee.

Every brew has a mild, smooth taste and finish with a mellow floral aroma. After all, the finest, purest Arabica coffee beans are used. And the coffee roasters here know very well how to coax the unique flavors an Arabica coffee blend.

Key Features

  • Full-flavored medium roast Kona coffee
  • Smooth but not bitter
  • Even with creamer, the bold coffee flavor stands out
  • Kosher-certified and Keurig 2.0 compatible

9. Hula Girl 100% Kona Coffee Keurig K-Cups

Hula Girl 100% Kona Coffee Keurig K-Cups

You might buy these single-serve K-cups as a gift for a loved one but chances are you’ll end up drinking all of them on your own. That’s the kind of a tempting deal you’re getting into with Hula Girl Kona Coffee. Its powerful taste, smooth flavor, and tantalizing aroma are hard to resist.

Each fully recyclable K cup is packed with sustainably grown coffee. This is a medium roast by the way that’s quite popular for the smooth and aromatic flavor it has to offer. And the fact that you can use with just about any single-serve brewing system makes the deal seem even more enticing.

Key Features

  • Smooth, aromatic medium roast Kona coffee
  • 100% recyclable filter and Keurig-compatible K cups
  • Low acidity, thus easy on the tummy

10. Caza Trail Coffee Kona Blend Single Serve Cups

Caza Trail Coffee Kona Blend Single Serve Cups

Firstly, are these Keurig-compatible K cups? Yes, you can use them with your Keurig coffee makers, even if it’s the 2.0 machine. And secondly, the Kona Blend is just one of the many Caza Trail flavors. You also have French Vanilla, Coastal Blend, Breakfast Blend, Extra Bold, and lots more.

As for Kona, it has a delicate body, no doubt, with a soft aroma and vibrant acidity. These are Kosher-certified K cups that contain pure, premium quality Arabica coffee beans.

So if you’re busy in the morning and, at the same time, want to devour an extremely bold brew, then kindly turn your attention to Caza Trail Kona.

Key Features

  • Extremely bold Kona coffee with vibrant acidity
  • This blend is consistently full-flavored and robust
  • Available in many other roasts and flavors
  • Kosher-certified and Keurig-compatible

11. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Hawaiian 100% Kona Coffee Pods

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Hawaiian 100% Kona Coffee

It’s believed that this Kona coffee is worth every dime. After all, the coffee roasters are the renowned Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC. They provide carefully roasted, blended, Kosher-certified, and sustainably sourced coffee. This explains why their coffee flavors are packed in compostable/recyclable single-serve coffee pods.

These, by the way, are compatible with every single-serve Keurig brewing system.

Now, let me describe the taste of Kona here. It’s smooth and rich flavored, there’s no doubt about that. And all this deliciousness comes without the bitter aftertaste. You can savor it black or with a splash of cream. Or have a double-strength brew over ice!

Key Features

  • Full-flavored, smooth, and aromatic
  • Single-origin, sustainably-sourced Kona coffee
  • Kosher-certified and compostable pods

12. SF Bay Coffee Kona Blend Medium Roast Compostable Coffee Pods

SF Bay Coffee Kona Blend Medium Roast Compostable Coffee Pods

First things first, San Francisco Bay coffee pods, all of them, are certified commercially compostable. Meaning the K cups are made using plant-based materials like mesh filter, paper lid, etc. In case you’re more inclined toward buying such biodegradable K cups, then here’s a whole list for you to choose from.

Moving on to the current compostable K cup coffee, the Kona blend is a smooth, lively medium roast. Every brew tastes consistently delicious. But let me warn you that each morning when you pop open the pod, brace yourself for an explosion of rich, alluring coffee aroma.

Key Features

  • Delicious, smooth medium roast Kona coffee
  • Commercially compostable, eco-friendly pods
  • 100% Arabica beans and Kosher-certified
  • Fresh quality coffee with zero additives

13. Don Francisco’s Kona Blend Medium-Roast Single-Serve Pods

Don Francisco’s Kona Blend Medium-Roast Single-Serve Pods

How about a taste of the Hawaiian islands in the form of this excellent Kona blend? It’s a blend, so it also contains Latin American coffees. The outcome of all this is a brew equipped with mellow fruity notes and subtle floral aroma.

The medium roast is Kosher-certified, much like most K-cup coffees I’ve reviewed so far. But what’s unique here is the unmistakably flavorful, smooth character with a touch of natural nuttiness, and not the artificial kind.

With that in place, you might want to try their Vanilla flavor as well.

Key Features

  • Medium roast Kona blend with subtle fruity notes
  • Very flavorful and nutty with no hints of bitterness
  • Compatible with Keurig 2.0

14. Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee Keurig K-Cup

Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee Keurig K-Cup

If you’ve devoured a cup of Kona coffee at a local cafe or restaurant while visiting Hawaii, then you should certainly get this one. It’s like taking a part of Hawaii home with you. The Kona blend has a characteristic flavor; one that you know is a result of coffee that’s sun-dried and roasted in limited batches for flavor and aroma preservation.

The delicate, mild medium-roast is what coffee would taste like in heaven. It’s so smooth without even the slightest hint of bitterness. And if you prefer something heavier, then I’d recommend the darker roast version of this.

Key Features

  • Hand-picked, sun-dried, farm-roasted Kona coffee
  • Extremely smooth and rich with no bitter aftertaste
  • Even without cream and sugar, the taste is heavenly
  • Mouthwatering aroma inside each K cup

Kona Coffee K-Cups Buying Guide

What’s So Special About Kona Coffee?

In short, pure Kona coffee is such a highly praised version of coffee all over the globe simply because of its incredibly pleasing aroma and full-bodied flavor. It comes from coffee plants grown in the ideal climatic conditions and slopes of Hawaii. There the soil is rich and volcanic with the afternoon cloud cover.

It’s this particular unique environment that gives Kona coffee its distinctive flavor. On top of that, since the Kona Hawaiian island is relatively small, it doesn’t support the use of various farm machinery. Therefore, the coffee beans are manually picked.

The traditional hand-picking method, just so you know, prevents the bruising of coffee beans and the loss of their original flavor. Beans are then sun-dried, thus making the most of sunlight to develop a characteristic flavor.

Difference Between Kona Coffee and Kona Blend

100% Kona coffee is both expensive and rare. And that’s the reason why coffee roasters sell Kona blends. These include 10-percent Kona coffee and 90-percent coffee grown in other regions like Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, etc.

How to Get Kona Coffee for Keurig Brewer?

It’s simple; purchase Kona coffee single-serve K cups. I have reviewed several of them myself here in this article. The most common roast profiles are medium roast and medium-dark roast.

Just make sure the K cup is compatible with your Keurig coffee maker. On that note, all of the options I’ve shortlisted are Keurig-compatible, even with the 2.0 brewing system. As long as the coffee machine is a single-serve unit, you can brew these Kona K cups.


So now you know what all the fuss is about when it comes to Kona coffee. The coffee, no doubt, is grown, harvested, and picked differently. The rich, volcanic soils of Hawaii and the region’s climatic conditions play a huge role in shaping the unique flavor, quality, and aroma of Kona coffee.

And with its popularity comes the convenience of Kona K Cups. So now you can prepare your full-flavored, aromatic Kona coffee in a matter of just a few seconds using your fancy Keurig coffee brewing system.

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