The Best Half Caff K Cups (Half the Caffeine Yet the Most Flavorful)

The beauty of half-caffeinated coffee is that it’s a delicious blend of decaffeinated and regular coffee beans. Did you know that specialty blends consist of only 2-percent Arabica coffee beans? These beans, in their green state, are packed with nearly half the level of caffeine present in Robusta coffee beans.

This means coffee producers blend decaffeinated beans with regular beans for creating half-caffeinated, versatile coffee. What’s even more enticing is that these convenient half caff K cups also offer the exact aroma, acidity, and flavor we coffee lovers crave from regular, caffeinated coffee.

And, needless to say, half-caff is a very effective way to fuel your batteries without turning you into a nocturnal being.

What is Half Caff Coffee?

Half caffeinated coffee, to put it simply, is a blend of both decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee beans. That means 50-percent of the coffee consists of beans that undergo the process of decaffeination.

Coffee lovers drink half caff coffee primarily because it contains half the caffeine normally present in regular coffee. So you get the boost you demand from caffeine, but without the worry of staying up all night.

However, it’s important to choose the best brands because only they can make up for the lack of taste by introducing more flavor into the coffee.

What Are the Best Half Caff Coffee Brands?

1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Half Caff K-Cup Pods

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Half Caff K-Cup Pods

First off, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is a brand responsible for coffee that’s sustainably sourced. At the same time, they deliver better-tasting, richer coffee. Even their half caff flavor is very delicious.

The blend, even though flavorful, tastes mellow. The hints of raisin and chocolate with the smooth and nutty finish are the best part if you ask me. The freshest medium roast with half the caffeine. Plus, the coffee is Kosher certified.


  • Flavorful, mellow medium roast
  • Sustainably sourced, Kosher certified coffee
  • Compatible with all coffee makers by Keurig


  • Quality control of K cups is poor and inconsistent

2. Skinnygirl Half Caff Coffee K Cups

Skinnygirl Half Caff Coffee K Cups

Here’s yet another version of smooth and rich medium roast half caff coffee. That once again consists of 100-percent Arabica coffee beans. You should know that Skinnygirl coffee is always Rainforest Alliance certified.

The blend here uses 50-percent Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated coffee beans. Meaning delicious coffee with half the caffeine boost and without any chemicals.

On top of that, the K cups brew the most flavorful and smoothest coffee, which matters a lot in the case of half-caffeinated coffee.


  • Very flavorful and smooth medium roast coffee
  • Swiss Water Decaffeinated beans
  • Rainforest Alliance certified and Keurig-compatible


  • Contains too much artificial sweetness

3. Folgers Half Caff Coffee K-Cups

Folgers Half Caff Coffee K-Cups

These K-cups too, just like the ones above, work with all coffee brewers manufactured by Keurig. Even the more recent 2.0 Keurig coffee makers. So you get the opportunity to open your eyes to pure, rich coffee that’s convenient to prepare and that’s got half the caffeine.

In comparison to regular, caffeinated coffee, the half caff here doesn’t disappoint. The rich taste and strong flavor don’t make you feel like you’re sipping half caffeinated coffee at all.


  • Smooth, rich flavor identical to that of regular coffee
  • No bitter aftertaste
  • Compatible with all Keurig single-serve machines


  • Coffee grounds seep into the cup

4. Maud’s Half Caff Coffee Single Serve Coffee K-Cups

Maud’s Half Caff Coffee Single Serve Coffee K-Cups

So there are many things that stand out in this case. Firstly, Maud’s half caff coffee is a blend of a delicious, mellow medium roast and a rich, flavorful dark roast. The former is the decaffeinated version.

The beans used are Organic and Fair Trade certified. And the K cups are not only Keurig compatible, but also 100-percent recyclable.

But the most inviting aspect is that you get the best of both worlds. That is a medium roast and dark roast. Along with decaf coffee and regular coffee of course!


  • A blend of decaf medium roast and regular dark roast
  • 100-percent recyclable K cup pods
  • Works with all Keurig brewers


  • Uneven mix of flavors
  • Complaints about pods opening during brewing

5. World’s Best Half Caff Dark Roast Coffee K Cups

World’s Best Half Caff Dark Roast Coffee K Cups

You’re now looking at the tastiest dark roast version of half-caffeinated coffee. That’s also heavy-bodied with a smooth finish and sweet aroma. Only premium quality, pure Arabica coffee beans are used. These are also Fair Trade and Organic certified by the way.

More importantly, the coffee is abundantly flavorful with the perfect California roast tan. Furthermore, your K cup experience turns guilt-free because the pods are 100-percent recyclable.


  • Strong flavored dark roast half caff coffee
  • Even though heavy-bodied, there’s no bitterness
  • Organic, Fair Trade beans and recyclable K cups


  • Coffee grounds end up in the cup
  • Tastes slightly burnt

6. Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Half Caff Coffee

Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Organic Half Caff Coffee

A variety pack that consists of Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee. There are 72 single-serve, Keurig-compatible pods. You get Organic Ethiopian, Organic Mexican, Organic Sumatran, and Organic Peruvian coffee.

The Ethiopian variety is flavorful and bright. Mexican is the smoothest with hints of brown sugar and walnut. Sumatran coffee is rich and creamy. As for the Peruvian half caff version, this is nicely balanced with chocolate and almond notes.

And all the 4 flavors, just so you know, are both Organic and Fair Trade certified.


  • Single-serve K cups compatible with all Keurig brewers
  • Variety pack consists of Ethiopian, Mexican, Sumatran, and Peruvian coffee
  • Bold, strong flavors from freshly roasted and ground beans


  • Very disappointing coffee aroma
  • Clogs the needles, thus creating a huge mess to clean afterwards

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Caffeine is in a Half Caff K Cups?

Typically, the half caffeinated version of K cups offers a caffeine content of not more than 48 milligrams to 53 milligrams. But it’s only natural for this amount to vary slightly depending on the coffee brand.

Is Half Caff the Same As Decaf?

Decaffeinated coffee consist of beans that are all decaffeinated. On the other hand, half caff is 50-percent decaffeinated beans and 50-percent regular, caffeinated beans.

Did you know that a lot of coffee drinkers prepare their very own version of half caff coffee? You simply have to buy 2 separate bags of coffee, one decaf and one regular. Then create a 50/50 mix of both, and you have your own half caff coffee.

Is Half Caff Coffe A Healthier Option?

Reducing your large caffeine intake on a daily basis does seem like a healthier choice. Consuming more than 2-4 cups of coffee (i.e. around 400 milligrams of caffeine) a day is not okay. That said, cutting back on caffeine certainly offers many health benefits.

Caffeine has been proven to boost brain activity and adrenaline. But too much caffeine leads to high BP, insomnia, caffeine addiction, etc. So with half the amount of caffeine in your system, you can actually reap the benefits of caffeine.

The benefits of caffeine include reducing the chances of developing type 2 diabetes and even certain cancers. Along with liver detoxification, increasing stamina, encouraging weight loss, reducing chronic inflammation, and more.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, with half-caffeinated K cups, you can cut back on your daily caffeine consumption while also savoring every bit of the flavor, which is the same as regular, caffeinated coffee. So long as you’re choosing a brand that’s a part of the list above, you don’t have to worry about your half caff coffee lacking in terms of taste or flavor.

Also, as long as the brand is reputable, you don’t even have to worry about the K cups being compatible with your Keurig coffee maker, no matter the model.

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