Coffee Maker Without Carafe In 2021 for On-Demand Coffee All Day

Even the category of coffee maker without carafe offers a multitude of designs you can choose from. And the unit you finally select should suit your coffee drinking style and other personal preferences.

There are those coffee makers with the capacity to brew as many as 12 cups just in a single brewing cycle. What these carafe-free machines do is prepare your brew and store it inside an internal tank, where your freshly brewed coffee is kept warm too. So all you have to do is press on a button for dispensing your caffeine kick of the day.

Then there are carafe-free single-serve coffee makers too. These may not be as convenient to use as the 12-cup brewing machines, but they certainly pack a punch of freshness with K cups.

So the choice between the two is all yours. As for me, I’m going to narrow down your search simply by reviewing the most innovative and also easiest to use coffee makers that feature no carafe.

A Quick Glance At the Top Choices!

Best Programmable Coffee Maker
Cuisinart DCC-3000P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
Cuisinart DCC-3000P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
  • 24-hour programmability with timer function
  • Large 12-cup brewing capacity and adjustable auto shut-off
  • Take-out drip tray fits taller mugs
  • Removable water reservoir with built-in water filter
Best Budget Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach (47950) Coffee Maker
Hamilton Beach (47950) Coffee Maker
  • Brews 12 full cups and dispenses one at a time
  • Internal heater within enclosed brewing system
  • ‘Bold’ setting prepares a richer-flavored brew
  • ‘Iced Coffee’ setting also included
Best Single-Serve Coffee Maker
Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker
Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker
  • Fully programmable with 5 different cup sizes
  • Removable, large 72-ounce water reservoir
  • Hot Water dispensing for cocoa, tea, etc.
  • Adjustable temp. control, removable drip tray, and auto on/off

No Carafe Coffee Makers to Buy In 2021

1. Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand Programmable Coffee maker

Cuisinart DCC-3000 Coffee-on-Demand Programmable Coffeemaker

By far, one of the best on-demand coffee makers, Cuisinart DCC-3000 is a 12-cup programmable unit that makes sure you always get fresh hot coffee whenever your caffeine cravings take control. The 24-hour programmability and also the automatic shut-off function are total game-changers.

So if you don’t prefer drinking your favorite brew out of a glass carafe, which surely tends to affect the flavor of the coffee after a point, then you can opt for this carafe-free method to keep your beverage in an enclosed setting.

Plus, the superior charcoal water filter is built-in, so you can re-fill the reservoir straight from the tap. It’s all about quick and convenient brewing with Cuisinart! And just so you know, the water tank features marking for those 12 cups.

Smaller portions, on the other hand, can be brewed using the 1-4 cup setting, which adjusts the brewing temperature and time automatically. And I think, as a true coffee fanatic, you might also appreciate the Stay Fresh setting provided by Cuisinart here.

No matter the volume of the freshly prepared coffee, the delicious flavor remains unaffected because of Stay Fresh. So all that hard work done by the machine’s high-performance showerhead that paves the way for full-flavored coffee extraction doesn’t go to waste just because you want to enjoy your cup of coffee later.

Here’s the demo video by the brand…


  • 24-hour programmable coffee maker
  • Large 12-cup brewing capacity with double-walled coffee tank
  • Timer function and adjustable auto shut-off
  • Take-out drip tray fits taller mugs
  • Removable water reservoir with built-in water filter


  • Slow leaks are common after a point

2. Mr. Coffee BVMC-ZH1B Power Serve 12-Cup Coffee maker

Mr. Coffee BVMC-ZH1B Power Serve 12-Cup Coffeemaker

The Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Coffeemaker has a lot in common with the Cuisinart coffee maker without carafe. Such as the 12-cup brewing capacity, concealed coffee storage chamber, automatic shut-off, 24-hour programmable control setting, and easy and one-handed dispensing.

Nevertheless, here are the features that stood out the most. The first and foremost one, needless to say, is the carafe-less, stainless steel design that allows you to serve your coffee right from the brewer for a very, very long time (Mr. Coffee is indeed a reputable brand).

Apart from single-cup convenience, you also get an internal sealed chamber where your freshly prepared coffee is stored. And from where the one-handed, drip-free dispensing system transfers the coffee into a mug at the press of just a single button. You can also remove this chamber for quick, easy clean-up.

The best news of all, for a daily coffee drinker especially, is that you can set up the coffee maker 24 hours in advance for brewing at a certain time. So no more having to wait for your rich, bold beverage even at home – oh how convenient life has become because of inventions and brands like these!


  • 12-cup programmable coffee maker
  • Brewing ‘pause n serve’ function included
  • Drip-free, one-handed pedal dispensing system
  • Removable drip tray and filter basket
  • Automatic shut-off and audible ready signals


  • Too loud pump
  • Box-shaped reservoir not easy to fill

3. Hamilton Beach 47950 Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 47950 Coffee Maker

What you see here is the latest yet most affordable innovation by the coffee maker brand Hamilton Beach. This is their 12-cup no carafe coffee maker with a removable water reservoir.

So it’s not just the possibility of breaking a glass carafe that you’re eliminating, but you’re also simplifying yet another messy task. And that is removing the reservoir for easy, convenient re-filling. This means no spilling, no pouring.

But what I loved the most about Hamilton Beach here is that the stainless steel machine brews bold coffee. All you have to do is choose the ‘bold’ setting and then simply wait for the coffee maker to initiate the complete extraction of your favorite rich-flavored coffee.

But the measurement of one cup here isn’t your standard 8 ounces, rather it’s 6 ounces. And that means you get 12 6-ounce cups of coffee. However, does a drawback like this really matter – you decide!

Moving on, this convenient-to-use coffee machine also prepares delicious iced coffee. In the case of brewing regular hot coffee, the coffee maker stores liquid gold inside. So you just press a button and your coffee is dispensed into your mug.

As for the ‘iced coffee’ option, once again, you simply need to flick a switch. But make sure that ice cubes are filled into the integrated carafe and that you only fill the water tank to half its limit. On the other hand, a more effortless option is to brew the regular way and just put ice cubes into the cup instead. Once again, you decide how you want the experience to be!

Another professional reviewer’s take on YouTube…


  • 12-cup capacity coffee maker with removable reservoir
  • Internal heater keeps your brew hot and fresh for 4 hours
  • ‘Bold’ setting activates full coffee extraction
  • Dedicated ‘Iced Coffee’ program button
  • Adjustable automatic shut-off


  • Standard cup size is less – 6 ounces, not 8 ounces
  • Mostly plastic, thus not very sturdy or durable

4. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Yet another coffee maker by Hamilton Beach that maintains the temperature, flavor, and aroma of freshly brewed coffee. But this one’s capacity is not 12-cup, it’s 10-cup instead. Not much of a difference if you ask me!

Moving on, the features are no different. You get a removable water tank, enclosed brewing system, internal heater, press bar for easy, one-cup dispensing, and programmable settings. So if the 12-cup unit seems out of your budget, then this 10-cup coffee maker is more likely to fit the bill.

The integrated heater keeps your freshly prepared brew hot, flavorful, and aromatic for as long as 2 hours. And whenever you’re ready, the dispensing bar gets the job done without any mess whatsoever.

At the same time, while your coffee is kept in there, you don’t have to worry about the gentle heater scorching the delicious flavors of your coffee because there’s no hot plate in there. Plus, no carafe that may or may not break, which also means no carafe to wash. This simply adds to the whole drip-free pouring experience.

It’s a high-quality coffee maker indeed that seems like the easiest to use and doesn’t even take up too much space on the countertop.


  • 10-cup programmable coffee maker
  • Removable water tank for convenient re-filling
  • Internal heater holds coffee fresh and hot
  • Easy, one-cup dispensing


  • Not a transparent water reservoir, plus no markings
  • The heating element is slightly noisy

5. Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffee maker

Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker

Now, how about a K-cup compatible coffee brewer that’s worth every penny? Cuisinart strikes again with its single-serve machine that accepts just about every Keurig coffee pod, even if it’s filled with deliciously rich and dark hot chocolate for your cocoa cravings.

The brewing capacity options are between 4 and 12 ounces. It’s a fully programmable coffee maker with brew temperature options, automatic shut-off, and a blue backlit LCD. The water filter installed in here is charcoal-based, which means great-tasting coffee every single time.

The brewer is also equipped with Hot Water & Rinse features. So you can prepare not only coffee but also cocoa and green tea without the different flavors interfering with one another. Just use the Rinse function to thoroughly clean the brew chamber between your versatile brewing sessions.

A machine like this is specifically crafted for loyal Keurig consumers. So if you too can’t get enough of K-cup coffee, you should seriously consider buying this Cuisinart single-serve coffee machine instead of purchasing a Keurig unit. The latter, some say, seems like a waste of money these days.

On that note, the brand here provides you with a far more superior alternative.

In comparison to Keurigs, which take a very, very long time to warm up, Cuisinart single-serve brews really quickly. Apart from the brewing speed, even the taste of your coffee is better. And how do I know this? If more flavorful and stronger coffee, as a result of this model’s use-your-own brew basket, is not better-tasting, then I don’t know what is!

So let’s compare – Cuisinart vs. Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Makers…


  • K-cup compatible single-serve coffee maker
  • 5 brew size options – 4 to 12 ounces
  • Adjustable brew temperature and auto shut-off
  • Hot Water function for cocoa, tea, etc.
  • Rinse feature instantly and thoroughly cleans brew chamber


  • Noisy machine that looks a little cheaply-made

6. Krups KM9000 On Request 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Krups KM9000 On Request 12 Cup Coffee Maker

With this 12-cup coffee maker by Krups, you can adjust the drip tray to accommodate larger cups and even travel mugs. And that’s what sets it apart from the other on-demand or on-request coffee makers on the list so far.

It’s a stainless steel machine with a removable water reservoir for easy re-filling. And here’s another unique feature. It’s the Precise Warming technology. What this does is constantly regulate the temperature of your brew. And once the brewing is done, the countdown timer alerts you.

Moreover, your coffee is kept fresh and warm without any burned taste, even if you decide to drink it 3 hours post-brewing.

Just note that not every brew, at first, is going to taste the same. This just means you have to figure out the ideal coffee-to-water ratio. And that’s okay because the phenomenal pre-programmable and easily adjustable auto-fill for both large and small cups makes up for every tiny flaw.

A more affordable alternative indeed in comparison to Cuisinart. And with a control panel that’s well-positioned, thus easier and more convenient to operate. There’s a manual button option here for preparing just the amount of coffee that seems sufficient to satisfy YOUR cravings. Otherwise, choose any of the pre-set beverage sizes.


  • 12-cup capacity with programmable cup sizes
  • 3 drip tray adjustable positions
  • Dual heating system and removable water reservoir
  • Aroma setting for more intense coffee flavor extraction
  • DuoFilter filtration system prepares better-tasting coffee


  • It’s a loud coffee maker
  • Water tank not easy to fill or clean

7. BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee maker

BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffee maker

A compact K-cup compatible coffee maker perfect for small kitchen countertop spaces. As you already know, there’s no glass carafe to deal with here. You get a travel mug though, which is dishwasher-friendly and fits into almost every car cup holder. Then there’s also the convenience of auto shut-off, one-touch operation, and indicator light.

The brewing temperature is ideal for extracting all the delicious flavors from your much-loved coffee. All thanks to the machine’s exclusive Brewing System that very closely monitors the water temperature during the process for extracting all the rich, bold flavors from your favorite coffee.

You can use ground coffee too just by the way. I mean there is an easy-to-clean permanent filter and a removable filter basket. This two-way brewing seems like a very interesting choice for those who consume coffee daily. So you might want to experiment with pre-packed coffee pods on one day and ground coffee on the other.

The best carafe-less single-serve coffee maker in a compact size!


  • Closely monitored water temperature
  • Compatible with both K-cups and ground coffee
  • Automatic shut-off and power-on indicator light
  • Travel mug included is dishwasher-safe


  • Too short power cable
  • No ‘stop’ button once brewing begins

Difference Between Carafe and On-Demand (No Carafe) Coffee Makers

Difference Between Carafe and On-Demand (No Carafe) Coffee Makers

The thing about on-demand brewing systems is that they keep your freshly prepared coffee stored inside the machine in an internal heater. That means your brew remains hot, fresh, and aromatic for hours after the brewing cycle is complete. And this is not the case with carafe coffee makers.

Also, with a carafe, you have to pick it up and pour your brew into your cup. But with no carafe, the coffee maker directly dispenses your beverage into the mug for you. And that means re-filling your cup is quick and easy. But be mindful of how much coffee you’re consuming in a day and here’s why.

Then comes the clean-up part. It’s annoying for some people to clean the removable coffee storage chamber built into on-demand brewers. Since the used or dirty carafe is not present as a separate unit you lay eyes on during the day, you tend to forget that it exists, let alone requires cleaning.

Choosing the Best Coffee Makers Without A Carafe

You take into account these four primary factors.

Choosing the Best Coffee Makers Without A Carafe

Internal Coffee Storage Tank Quality

On-demand brewing systems feature an internal storage/heater tank for keeping your freshly prepared coffee hot for a long time. So the quality of this internal coffee tank should be top-notch i.e. able to regulate the temperature for hours after brewing. No wonder stainless steel units are quite the rage.

Brewing Capacity

The traditional on-demand type of coffee maker offers a brewing capacity of 12 to 10 cups max. That means more coffee for you and your family or just for you and your large caffeine appetite in only a single brewing cycle.

Then there are the single-serve K cup compatible coffee makers that also provide you with brew sizes, mostly from 4 ounces to 12 ounces. These seem like a more suitable choice for one-person coffee preparation.

Removable Water and Coffee Reservoir

If these two tanks are not removable, how do you expect to clean them conveniently? Also, with a removable water reservoir, you can re-fill the tank easily as well.

Additional Features

Depending on your personal preferences, features like automatic shut-off for safety and adjustable timer to automatically brew coffee at the selected time come in handy. There’s also the hot water dispenser, which lets you brew green tea, hot chocolate, and such beverages as well.

No doubt, these features make the carafe-less coffee maker a more programmable and functional appliance to have in your kitchen.


If your caffeine cravings cannot wait, then a coffee maker like this is indispensable. On-demand coffee means no need to deal with glass carafes. You can get your brew served to you straight into the cup.

And brands like Cuisinart and Hamilton Beach make the experience even better with more convenient brewing, storing, and dispensing, along with their advanced extra features.

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