Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands for Slow-Extraction Brewing

As a coffee connoisseur myself, I’m always writing about what grind works best for the different brewing methods. One thing I noticed during my research is that there isn’t enough information on coarse ground coffee brands. Or why or when you should use coarse ground coffee in the first place.

So let me come out and say it at the beginning itself that the coarse grind size is perfect for slow coffee extraction. For example, cold brew and French Press. These types of brewing methods demand a coarse grind the most suitable for longer extraction to get all the delicious flavors and aromas out from your favorite coffee.

So allow us to shine some light on coffee brands that make brewing with coarse coffee grounds not only possible but also more enjoyable!

Our Top Picks for The Best Coarse Ground Coffee

Best for Cold Brew

Cold Brew Reserve Coarse Ground Coffee, 2 LB Bag, Dark Roast, Colombian Single Origin

Stone Street Cold Brew Coffee
  • Strong, smooth, and well-balanced with low acidity
  • Dark roast, with its richer flavors, perfect for cold brew
  • Ethically sourced and expertly roasted artisanal coffee
  • Colombian single-origin preserves its integrity despite slow brewing
Best for French Press

French Press Specialty Coffee, Coarse Ground, Primos Coffee Co (Medium Roast, 12 Oz)

Primos Coffee Co.
  • Medium roast with richer oil content ideal for French Press
  • Premium, delightful Arabica beans packed with more antioxidants
  • Nicaraguan-sourced coffee offers complex flavors
  • Mild-bodied, smooth, low acidity, sweet, and citrusy
Best for Pour Over

STONE COLD JO: 2 lb, Cold Brew Coffee Blend

STONE COLD JO: 2 lb, Cold Brew Coffee Blend
  • Slightly fine grind size works the best for pour-over brewing
  • Strong and bold flavored dark roast for both cold and hot coffee
  • Silky smooth with notes of chocolate, grape, caramel, and toffee
  • USDA Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade certified

What is Coarse Ground Coffee? And What Does It Looks Like?

Coarse Ground Coffee

Coarsely ground coffee consists of big coffee beans that are ground very little. This means large particles of beans. Hot water binds only to the outer parts of the grounds. And then slow extraction occurs, where water seeps into the grind gradually.

But how do you figure out if the grind size is coarse, extra-coarse, medium-coarse, or fine? Here’s how…

  • Extra Coarse coffee grounds are very chunky, like rock salt.
  • Coarse grind size resembles the visibly chunky appearance of sea salt.
  • Then comes medium-coarse, which is much like rough or coarse sand. This is the least chunky version.
  • The in-between medium-fine grounds consist of small granules.
  • Finely ground coffee, on the other hand, is slightly finer in comparison to table salt.
  • And lastly, Extra Fine grind size feels and looks like powdered sugar or flour.

But Why Does Grind Size Matter?

Grind Size Chart

It matters simply because the grind size determines the taste and flavor of your freshly prepared brew. You might be able to pull off a brew that demands coarsely ground coffee with medium-fine grind size. However, don’t expect the result to taste all that great.

Brewing isn’t easy and coffee doesn’t taste so good when the grind size is incorrect. Why else would coffee grinders feature as many as 16-18 different grind settings!

Just keep in mind never to replace a coarse grind with a salt-textured, very fine grind. There is some space for experimentation in between, but you cannot mess with the two extreme ends of the spectrum. And why is that?

With brewing, the extraction time and surface area play a major role. Very fine coffee grounds are the best for quick extraction methods with an increased total surface area. And extra coarse for slower extraction with a smaller overall surface area.

So if you use a fine grind size for slow extraction, then over-extracted, excessively bitter coffee is prepared. And in the case of coarse coffee grounds and quick extraction, you get a weak-tasting, under-extracted brew.

On top of that, using an incorrect grind size leads to clogging up the filter of your brewing system.

Review of the Best Coarse Ground Coffee Brands

1. Stone Street Coffee (Best for Cold Brew)

Stone Street Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin Colombia
Roast Type Dark
Flavor Cold Brew
Weight/Unit Count 32 ounces

Specially crafted for the cold brewing method, it’s the perfect blend of pure Colombian Supremo coffee beans that are freshly roasted and freshly ground to preserve the original, delicious flavors. It’s an extremely bold yet incredibly smooth dark roast with a rich flavor.

Even in comparison to the coffee giant Starbuck’s dark roast, this is way smoother and less expensive of course. The flavor qualities are best described as well-balanced, strong and bold, very smooth, and slightly sweet. Along with low acidity, which is perfect for coffee lovers with a sensitive tummy.

The ground coffee comes from a brand that is very proud of its ethical yet superior sourcing methods. And they present genuine coffee lovers like you and us with a wide assortment – raw green coffee beans, wholly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, espresso, and more. And these are all handcrafted coffees packed with a heavy-flavor profile and subtle, unique taste nuances.

For cold brewing, Stone Street Coffee Company highly recommends using a water-to-coffee ratio of 4:1. Just make sure you use filtered water and let the brew sit in your refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

Stone Street to the rescue indeed if you want to savor smooth coffee that doesn’t taste overly bitter or watery and doesn’t even upset your sensitive digestive tract.


  • Bold yet smooth dark roast
  • Freshly roasted and ground 100% Colombian Supremo beans
  • 3-layered foil bag preserves freshness
  • Specially crafted for cold brewing


  • Straight black without cream or milk can be too bitter for some

2. Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica

Gevalia Special Reserve Costa Rica

Coffee Bean Origin Costa Rica
Roast Type Medium
Flavor Special Reserve Costa Rica
Weight/Unit Count 10 ounces

This one is for caffeine addicts who can’t get enough of medium roast coffee. Gevalia’s Special Reserve Costa Rica Ground Coffee is packed with rich flavor and no bitterness. Its medium acidity and fruity, citrusy notes are highly likely to keep you coming back for more.

The smooth and strong flavor stands out only when slow extraction is a part of the brewing i.e. cold brew method. But that doesn’t mean you cannot use this ground coffee in your automatic drip coffee maker or the French Press. Although you might have to tweak the coffee-to-water ratio. Meaning double the ratio of coffee if you desire a bolder-tasting brew.

Let us also inform you that the coffee beans are exclusively sourced from Costa Rica’s mineral-enriched volcanic soil. These are 100-percent Arabica beans, which automatically implies a better taste, decreased bitterness, and cleaner mouth-feel. Arabica coffee also comes with a whole lot of antioxidants.

Moreover, the brand here offers more than 30 premium coffee varieties. And you should know that Gevalia coffees, all of them, are all Rainforest Alliance and Kosher certified. They come packed in re-sealable coffee bags, which you’re supposed to store properly in a dry, cool place.

Here’s a little something you might want to know about Gevalia in case you decide to choose this brand…


  • Antioxidant-packed 100% Arabica beans
  • Roasted on the darker side of medium
  • Delicate fruity, citrusy undertones
  • Fresh-flavored, aromatic, rich coffee with no bitterness
  • Rainforest Alliance certified and Kosher certified


  • Could be slightly coarser to prevent ground seepage into mug

3. Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin Guatemala, Peru, and Nicaragua
Roast Type Medium
Flavor Smooth & Sweet
Weight/Unit Count 16 ounces

Why choose Bizzy? Firstly, it’s because the brand uses pure Arabica coffee beans and the highest quality ingredients. They go above and beyond when it comes to sifting the coffee for ensuring a uniform grind size that enables impeccable extraction.

Secondly, Bizzy produces USDA Organic certified coffee. So environment-friendly coffee lovers not only get organic coffee but also organic coarse ground coffee.

The grind size here is specifically engineered for your cold brew cravings.

So now you can spruce up a refreshing summer beverage that’s consistent and extra smooth. And the fact that Peruvian-sourced coffee is a part of the blend means your brew is bound to be flavorful, aromatic, light-bodied, and mildly acidic.


  • 100% USDA Organic certified coffee
  • Medium roast Arabica beans with hazelnut and caramel notes
  • Strong flavor with no bitterness, and stomach-friendly too
  • Grind size perfect for the cold brewing method


  • Some may find it a little bland-tasting

4. Peak Performance USDA Certified Organic

Peak Performance USDA Certified Organic

Coffee Bean Origin Guatemala
Roast Type Medium
Flavor Cold Brew
Weight/Unit Count 12 ounces

Loaded with antioxidants, this single-origin, Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified coarse ground coffee is the best for cold brewing and even the French Press. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste, which is something many coffee enthusiasts love about their brew. We know we do!

But, hands down, the best part about Peak Performance is that it doesn’t use heavily sprayed, non-organic i.e. traditional coffee beans. The USDA Organic certified label means this is a healthy choice, and that’s great if you consume coffee on a daily basis.

The mere fact that the country it’s sourced from is Guatemala is enough in terms of validating the coffee’s rich, full-flavored profile. After all, Guatemalan coffee has a sweet, medium/full body with a whole lot of chocolatey undertones. So you have a bittersweet taste of cocoa combined with a sweet palate of milk chocolate also combined with hints of toffee and nut.

One more thing – since the roast is more inclined toward medium than dark means greater preservation of antioxidants. On top of that, the beans come from high altitudes, which adds more credibility to the claim that Peak Performance organic coffee is indeed a healthier option.

Don’t believe us? How about hearing it directly from a Peak Performance Coffee consumer…


  • Healthiest, cleanest USDA Organic certified, high-altitude coffee
  • Single-origin, thus denser beans
  • Creamy and rich flavored with chocolatey, nutty undertones
  • Ideal for cold brew and French Press


  • None whatsoever

5. Primos Coffee Co. (Best for French Press)

Primos Coffee Co.

Coffee Bean Origin Nicaragua
Roast Type Medium
Flavor Medium Roast
Weight/Unit Count 12 ounces

The coarse grind size is perfect for the very popular French Press brewing method. And this Specialty Coarsely Ground Coffee by Primos Coffee Co. is proof of that. With premium Arabica coffee beans that are just the best for consistency, you can prepare for yourself at home a Barista-grade, delightful brew.

Medium-bodied, sweet, smooth, and low acidity; the aptest way to describe the flavor here. And if you also appreciate coffee with citrusy notes and sweetness, then your taste buds are certainly in for a treat.

French Press coffee makers, more often than not, come with instructions to scoop away foam before pressing the plunger down. But with Primos coffee here, there’s no need to scoop away any foam. (How to Make French Press Coffee At Home)

That’s how effortless the process of brewing is with this shade-grown, high-grown coffee, which is drum-roasted in Texas where small-batch roasting is the norm in order to preserve the carefully developed profile of medium-body coffee. Because with medium roasts, the natural, original flavors enjoy more domination with a delightfully aromatic finish.


  • Medium roast, premium Arabica coffee beans
  • Mild-bodied and smooth with sweet, citrusy notes
  • Perfectly coarsely ground for slow extraction of French Press
  • Low acidity ideal for sensitive stomachs


  • Not for those who prefer stronger, bolder coffee

6. Cold Brew Lab Organic Coffee

Cold Brew Lab Organic Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin Colombia
Roast Type Blend of Medium + Dark
Flavor Dark Roast, Coarse Grind
Weight/Unit Count 16 ounces

This is the coarse grind by Cold Brew Lab, which also offers the whole bean version. And both, just so you know, are quite inexpensive. But it’s the former that you’re looking for in order to prepare the most delicious, well-rounded, low acidic, smoothest, and full-bodied coffee at home.

Yet another USDA Organic certified coarse ground coffee with specialty-grade Arabica Colombian Supremo beans. It’s actually a very smooth-flavored blend of dark and medium roast coffee perfect for incredibly flavorful and bold cold brews. It’s the best non-bitter coffee, in our opinion, for genuine Colombian coffee lovers.

The absence of pesticides and chemicals simply adds to the high quality of rich Colombian-sourced beans. And if we’re to be completely honest with you, the grind size is tipping a little toward extra-coarse, the brand says so too.

This, no doubt, makes the current coffee grounds simply the most suitable for the cold brewing technique. No two ways about the fact that they extract optimal flavor without leaving any sediments.


  • Well-rounded, full-bodied, low acidic coffee
  • Extremely bold yet smooth flavored
  • Blend of dark and medium roast apt for cold brewing
  • USDA Organic certified Arabica beans


  • No chocolate, nutty, or earthy undertones

7. Jo Coffee Stone Cold Brew Coffee

Jo Coffee Stone Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin *not mentioned
Roast Type Dark
Flavor Silky Smooth Dark Roast
Weight/Unit Count 32 ounces

Not only is Stone Cold Jo USDA Organic certified but also Fair Trade certified. But more important here is the low acidity, silky smooth dark roast flavor with delicious hints of toffee caramel. There’s some chocolate and grape in here too. All of these are naturally occurring undertones, meaning no artificial flavors added.

The grind size, no doubt, is the best for cold brewing. It’s really smooth and the flavor incredibly robust. So if you like stronger coffee with no sweeteners, then you’re on the road to feeling good about this purchase.

Although pour-over coffee aficionados can also benefit here, what with the grind size being slightly on the finer side of things! So if you wish to take a break for cold brewing, why not use your pour-over coffee maker for some bold-charactered, dark-roast HOT coffee.

What you’re really dealing with is an artisan coffee roaster that sources its beans from only the top 2-percent of Organic certified Arabica coffee produced worldwide. And in case you didn’t know, Arabica coffee beans like these are loaded with more antioxidants and less bitterness and acidity.

The brand highly recommends a 4:1 coffee to water ratio for cold brewing and a 2:6 coffee to water ratio for hot brewing.


  • Organic, low-acidity dark roast
  • Caramel flavored with hints of grape and chocolate
  • Extremely smooth and bold for cold and hot coffee


  • A little weak for a dark roast
  • Coffee bean origin not disclosed by the brand

8. The Chosen Bean Cold Brew Coffee

The Chosen Bean Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Sumatra
Roast Type Medium
Flavor Cold Brew
Weight/Unit Count 12 ounces

Now it’s time for some freshly roasted, organic coarse ground coffee that you can grind even further with your coffee grinder at home to produce a finer grind size for other brewing methods like drip coffee. So it’s not just cold brew and French Press that are your options here.

Moving on, this is a blend of coffee beans handpicked from top coffee-growing regions – Sumatra, Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Mexico. It’s also a blend of dark-medium and light-medium roasts.

As for the tasting notes and flavor profile, the words that do justice include smooth, nutty, chocolatey, citrusy, sugary, low acidity, and light-bodied. Along with hints of spices, cocoa, sweet orange, and berries. The Chosen Bean, indeed.

And you know it’s the ultimate chosen bean because the roast-masters sift through so many samples. Out of which, just 3-percent makes its way into these coffee bags. Even a thing like roasting is performed the most thoughtfully. Meaning small-batch roasting is done to keep every coffee bean’s original quality as intact as possible.

Plus, the coffee is both Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified. So your morning coffee fix just got a lot healthier and cleaner!


  • Blend of dark-medium and light-medium roast
  • Smooth with low acidity for cold brewing
  • Light-bodied with chocolatey, nutty undertones
  • Hints of sweet orange, sugar, berries, cocoa, and spices


  • Grind size tends to choke the filter

9. Civilized Coffee Cold Brew Coffee

Civilized Coffee Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Bean Origin Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Kenya
Roast Type Blend of Medium + Dark
Flavor African Cold Brew
Weight/Unit Count 12 ounces

The last and final coffee brand widely accepted for providing artisanal coffee blends for cold brewing is Civilized Coffee, with its Coarse Ground version. Think of this as a refreshing alternative to your traditional hot coffee on summer days. It’s low-acid coffee, thus stomach-friendly.

The rich, balanced, and smooth flavor profile is not the only reason for popularity. The coarse ground coffee doesn’t demand any milk or sugar nor does the brew taste bitter or upset the tummy. On top of that, the brand under the current spotlight is among the very few least expensive yet high-quality ones.

It’s a blend of 3 different regions – Ethiopian coffee’s complex flavor, Tanzanian coffee’s intense, creamy body with a sweet, fruity berry-like flavor, and Kenyan coffee’s distinctly bright and deep taste and pleasant wine-like aroma.

The perfect coarsely ground coffee blend of dark and medium roast. Although it’s more dark than medium, which seems ideal for those who like their cold brews to be bolder, richer, fuller-bodied, and more textured.


  • The flavor profile is balanced, smooth, and rich
  • Subtle notes of nougat, cinnamon, and dark chocolate
  • Low-acid coffee ideal for sensitive tummy
  • Versatile use – French Press, cold brew, etc.


  • Not coarse enough to prevent bottom residue

Which Brewing Methods Require Coarsely Ground Coffee

French Press

Let me tell you how it works first. You place the coffee grounds inside the carafe-like chamber and then pour hot water over them. After a few minutes, you press down the stainless steel filter plunger to push the coarse grounds toward the bottom. Thus, letting your freshly prepared brew flow through.

Since the grounds are subjected to long steeping, coarse grind size is crucial. Also because the grounds have to be filtered out. So if you end up using tiny grounds, they’re sure to find their way through the brewer’s permanent filter and into the cup. And that’s just unwanted coffee sludge!

Cold Brew

Another very popular immersion-style home brewing technique demands the use of coarsely ground coffee. And that’s cold brew. This method of brewing also involves holding water inside a chamber with the grounds. And that means a long steeping process, thus requiring the coarse grind size to prevent over-extraction and under-extraction.


Not as common as cold brew and French Press, percolator also uses the coarse grind size as the process involves filtering water through the grounds multiple times. So in case these are too small, over-extraction occurs with an excessively bitter taste.

On top of that, if the grounds are not big enough for getting filtered out, you also run the risk of getting sediments or silt in your coffee. Much like the French Press!

How to Get Coarse Ground Coffee

Buying Pre-Ground Coffee

Agreed that the pre-ground version may not be as fresh as grinding your own coffee beans right before brewing. But most coffee enthusiasts are willing to compromise on a little bit of freshness for the sake of convenience and/or budget.

Grinding Your Own Coffee Beans

The alternative, even though time-consuming, is grinding coffee beans right before brewing. It’s the best way to preserve all the deliciousness in the form of freshness and flavor.

But for that, you have to use a high-quality, first-rate burr grinder, and not the blade version. The former works flawlessly when it comes to creating the perfect coarse grind size consistently.


I hope that now you understand why coarsely ground coffee works best with brewing methods like French Press, cold brew, etc. I have covered all the possible topics you might find useful with regard to coarse coffee grounds.

So if your favorite brewing technique consists of slow extraction, think twice before you pick coffee or even a coffee grinder that gives you medium or fine grounds. You don’t deserve to sip over-extracted or under-extracted coffee at home now, do you?

Moreover, the rich-flavored and even some affordable coffees I’ve shortlisted in this post coerce you with their tantalizing aroma and exquisite taste into remaining hooked on to your Fench Press and/or cold brew coffee. There’s nothing more well-balanced and smooth than slow brewing!

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