Best SCAA Coffee Makers In 2021 That Meet Reputable Golden Cup Standards

It’s not that old-fashioned coffee makers fail to prepare a delicious caffeine-infused beverage. But what we, as coffee connoisseurs, can say for certain that not all of them have garnered an attractive reputation. So it feels like you’ve hit the jackpot when you come across the best SCAA coffee makers.

These are Specialty Coffee Association of America certified home brewers that give you large batches of hand-dripped coffee just at the press of a single button. And if you buy one of the models shortlisted below, then that says a very important thing about you. That, no matter what, you take your daily brews very seriously. Much like us at Coffee Style Today!

Review of the Best SCAA Coffee Makers

1. Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

This could be the best coffee maker you’ve ever owned. After all, it’s a very popular SCAA recommendation, one that’s also reasonably priced. You can brew 8 cups of coffee using your favorite freshly ground beans in under 6 minutes only. And this fresh brew preserves that hot temperature impressively well in a stainless steel thermal carafe.

Every brew is consistently Golden Cup standard. Plus, the Bonavita coffee maker doesn’t take up much room on the countertop.

Key Features

  • Single-touch operation simplifies brewing
  • Pre-infusion mimics pour-over method to degas the coffee
  • Larger showerhead enables even, consistent saturation and extraction
  • Precise, powerful water heater maintains peak brewing temperature
  • BPA-free plastic for plastic parts, auto-off, and double-wall thermal carafe

2. OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker

OXO Brew 8 Cup Coffee Maker

When buying a coffee maker for preparing hot, delicious coffee, it’s only beneficial to narrow down your search to just SCAA-certified models. But then how do you find a single-serve coffee maker at the same time? This often tends to limit your options, doesn’t it? And what makes it even worse is your picky coffee preferences.

That said, let me eliminate all the fuss simply by presenting to you the OXO Brew Coffee Maker. You get Gold Standard coffee, no doubt, because of its SCAA certification. And the single-serve brewing capacity makes the unit a genuine must-have for at-home brewing enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • 8-cup coffee maker with single-serve brewing function
  • BetterBrew precision optimizes water temperature and brewing time
  • Vacuum-insulated, double-walled thermal carafe
  • Well cover is removable to fit tall mugs and elevate short mugs

3. Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG 10-Cup Coffee Maker

Yet another top SCAA recommendation, Technivorm Moccamaster is a risk-free investment perfect for genuine coffee lovers. Upon closer inspection, we found that the heating section is made of copper, not aluminum. And the fact that it isn’t manufactured in China also screams high quality and solid design.

More importantly, the flavor of your brew is a significant step-up. So major that you’re highly likely to look forward to your morning coffee.

On top of that, the 10-cup coffee maker is an incredible delight to use. It keeps from overheating the glass carafe. And you get the rare opportunity to watch your delicious coffee bubbling at the time of brewing. Even the filter section is visible during the brewing process.

Key Features

  • Automated drip-stop brew basket and shut-off
  • 9-hole outlet arm for smooth, even flavor extraction
  • Hot plate included to roll heat into the freshly prepared brew

4. Behmor Brazen Coffee Maker

Behmor Brazen Coffee Maker

Let your hunt for an SCAA standard coffee maker lead you to Behmor Brazen. It’s not a disappointing option, be it in terms of specifications, price, and everything else that’s important to use as a daily coffee drinker. And this leads us to discuss the best part about this 8-cup capacity, stainless steel at-home brewer.

The coffee maker is the epitome of customization. Once calibrated, you can fine-tune each and every part of the brewing cycle that actually matters. After all, isn’t every coffee different? So why should the brewing cycle be the same!

From tweaking the temperature and bloom cycle to programming brewing start time, Brazen is surely a phenomenal coffee maker that meets specialty coffee industry standards.

Key Features

  • 8-cup capacity coffee maker with temperature control
  • Timed brew and pre-soak adjustable settings also included
  • Pulsed water flow and oversized showerhead activate full extraction

5. Breville BDC450BSS Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

Breville BDC450BSS Precision Brewer Coffee Maker

The Breville Precision Brewer features the Gold Cup preset mode. So it can adjust the temperature of the water and also the brewing time. But, more importantly, does this Gold Brew Setting meet the requirements put forward by the SCAA. Oh yes, it so does!

No wonder Breville here gives a brand like even Technivorm a run for their money. The coffee maker comes with two filter baskets. One is flat-bottomed while the other cone-shaped. This means brewing any volume you like.

Key Features

  • Precise, adjustable digital temperature control
  • Thermocoil heating system provides pure water
  • Auto Steep and Release valve for small cup volumes
  • 6 preset and customizable brewing settings
  • Gold Cup mode automatically adjusts brew time and water temperature

6. OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker

OXO Brew 9 Cup Coffee Maker

You may have considered many SCAA-approved recommendations. Even then, it’s not impossible to settle on the OXO coffee maker. All thanks to its amazing combination of affordable price and simple operation. The unit is the easiest to use with a user-friendly interface.

What about coffee preparation? Let me bring to your attention that the brewing cycle is microprocessor-controlled. This particular feature mimics the common pour-over technique for giving you 2-9 cups of SCAA-certified coffee.

So if you’ve spent a great many years manually brewing drip coffee, then it’s about time you switch to the convenience of automatic. That too an SCAA-approved one!

Key Features

  • Single-dial 9-cup coffee maker with double-walled carafe
  • 24-hour timer, freshness indicator, and brewing status
  • Microprocessor-controlled for replicating pour-over brewing
  • BetterBrew Precision adjusts temp/time to offer Gold standard flavor

What Are SCAA-Certified Coffee Makers? (Meaning of SCAA)

Firstly, it stands for Specialty Coffee Association of America. Secondly, this is nothing but strict set of standards set forth by the certification. And the certification is awarded only to those automated drip coffee makers that brew within the Golden Cup specifications (more on that below).

Ask any genuine coffee expert, and they’ll tell you how SCAA has now become almost synonymous with the word excellence. In the world of coffee and coffee makers obviously!

What Are Golden Cup Standards?

The complete dissolved solids should be 1.1 to 1.4 percent. Only then does the standard-set optimal extraction of the solubles reaches top-class 18-percent to 22-percent. You don’t understand this? If yes, then allow me to elaborate below…

 Golden Cup Brewing Time

The automatic drip coffee maker is SCAA-approved when it’s brewing time is between 4 minutes and 8 minutes. Because a lesser amount of time gives you under-extracted coffee while longer than 8 minutes yields an over-extracted brew.

 Golden Cup Coffee Volume

Does the coffee brewing system’s brew basket accommodate the SCAA-set Golden Cup coffee-to-water ratio? This is two tablespoons (55 grams) of your favorite coffee for every 6 ounces (1 liter) of water.

 Golden Cup Brewing Temperature

After brewing time and coffee volume, it’s the brewing temperature that can either make or break your coffee-sipping experience.

The optimal temperature required for full coffee extraction is between 197 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The former should be reached within one minute of the water touching the grinds. And then, throughout the brewing cycle, the temperature is maintained and shouldn’t exceed the latter.

 Golden Cup Coffee Strength

Strength is what decides the balanced flavor and extraction quality of your brew. So what should this be in order to meet the prestigious Gold Cup standard? The answer is between 1.1 and 1.4.

But how do you achieve this strength? Manufacturers make sure that the extraction of solubles falls between the range of 18-percent and 22-percent from the coffee weight inside the unit’s brew basket.

 Golden Cup Carafe Temperature

If the coffee maker is equipped with a double-walled, thicky insulated carafe, then it can hold your freshly prepared brew at 176-degree Fahrenheit for as long as 30 minutes post-preparation.

So these are the strict SCAA standards that never fail to bring to you an automatic drip coffee maker with the ability to brew world-class Golden Cup coffee.

Features That Matter the Most

You can go through the SCAA-set requirements I’ve discussed (just before this) for making sure the coffee maker is not a waste of money. But then there are other important features also that play a major role. So neglecting them also is not such a great idea if you genuinely value both your coffee and hard-earned money.

That said, keep in mind the following factors at the time of buying…

 Size and Brewing Capacity

Both are linked, no doubt. Larger brewing systems offer a brewing capacity between 8 and 12 cups. So these amount to around 4-6 coffee servings. Then there are single-serve coffee makers as well, which, needless to say, are more compact, lightweight, and space-saving units.

So the size of the machine and its brewing capacity depend on how much caffeine you consume in a day.


Let me make one thing very clear here. Heavy customization, which includes tweaking brewing time, water temperature, etc., for a Golden Cup standard, is already done by the SCAA. So you don’t really require a coffee maker with such top-notch personalization features.

Nonetheless, there are a few models outfitted with some adjustability, which appeals more to coffee snobs like us. More often than not, SCAA-approved at-home brewers give you 1-2 programmable options. Such as customizing brew start time, coffee volume, and the temperature of the hot plate.

Other extra features include coffee strength control, temperature control, multiple brew modes, adjustable bloom time, flow rate control, differently-shaped filter baskets, and the like.

Glass vs. Thermal Carafe

What’s the point of Golden Cup standard brewing when your freshly prepared coffee is eventually going to cool down in only a few minutes post-brewing? That is why SCAA-recommended coffee makers meet Golden Cup carafe temperature requirements. These come with a carafe that keeps your delicious, piping hot brew as is, more or less, for 30 minutes.

In fact, there are some of them that preserve the temperature for a few hours. Taking that into account, what type of carafes are these? Glass or thermal?

  •  The beauty of glass-made carafes is that they’re cheaper. More importantly, a glass carafe features a hot place to keep your brew hot for a longer time. But if this hot plate remains in contact with the coffee for an extended amount of time, then chances of your brew tasting excessively bitter and sometimes even burnt are highly likely.
  •  Moving on to thermal carafes, these are made using stainless steel. There’s no involvement of a hot place in this case. So it’s safe to say that a thermal carafe keeps the beverage hot minus the risk of compromising its rich, bold, aromatic flavor


It goes without saying that coffee makers with an SCAA certification cost more than the ones that aren’t SCAA-approved. And it’s all because of the superior technology of the former. But that doesn’t mean there’s no price range in the category of such SCAA brewers.

There are options under $200, $250, $300, and higher. These prices, no doubt, are considerably steeper in comparison to manual drip coffee makers, which cost less than $50.

So why should you pay the extra price? Solely because your picky caffeine cravings are bound to enjoy the additional brewing capacity and programmability of SCAA-certified coffee makers.

On top of that, these higher-end at-home brewing systems have a more attractive visual appeal. But who cares about the physical appearance! You’re more concerned with the unmatched value and functionality of these state-of-the-art coffee makers, right?

Brewing Options and Speed

Coffee makers that are highly recommended by the SCAA are unique in the sense that they feature multiple brewing options. Meaning you can prepare more than just one cup of coffee in a single brewing cycle. While some brew a cup size equal to the level of water that you add.

However, keep in mind that SCAA requirements involve using a specific coffee-to-water ratio. So that means changing the amount of coffee grounds whenever you change the amount of coffee you wish to brew. But it’s always a more convenient idea to simply fill up the water tank and prepare how many ever cups of coffee using a basic, simple setting.

What about brewing speed or time? The majority of SCAA at-home brewers complete one full brewing cycle, irrespective of the cup size, in less than 6 minutes. As for the SCAA standards, they include a brewing speed of no less than 4 and no higher than 8 minutes.


Drinking coffee that tastes like plastic is a thing of the past. Even when the brew is not unpleasant-tasting, you want it to be extra delightful and savory. And that’s never asking for too much, especially if you love coffee as much as you love your life.

The culture of this century may be largely dependent on coffee and gasoline. But that doesn’t mean both need to taste the same! So why not make the switch to these SCAA top recommendations if you have the financial resources. They’re the best automatic drip coffee makers that give you top-class Golden Cup standard coffee every single time for years to come.

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