The Best Organic Coffee K Cups for Eco-Friendly Coffee Lovers

No matter what side you choose, it’s undeniable that K cups have transformed the art of brewing coffee. I mean it’s made the process so much more convenient, easier, and quicker. I’m sure you agree. Why else would you be here looking for the best organic coffee K cups?

As for organic coffee, it’s just proof that the coffee industry has better, healthier options to offer as well. But the mere task of finding this treasure is not an easygoing one. And that is why I have reviewed only the best of the best organic K cup coffee for you.

Right from the ingredients down to the materials, everything is natural and eco-friendly. So now you can begin your day drinking delicious organic coffee without feeling guilty about causing harm to the environment.

Why Choose Organic Coffee?


Coffee production largely determines the profits the coffee industry makes, right? So the more the production, the higher the profits, correct again? In that case, it’s only inevitable for farmers to use chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers for boosting production.

But the thing about using such chemicals is that they threaten our ecosystems.

Also, coffee brands, for the most part, add fillers for artificially increasing supply. More often than not, these fillers include rice, wheat, barley, or other such produce that isn’t necessarily harmful. But sometimes they take the form of impurities like sticks or twigs. And you didn’t pay for that now, did you?

So you have many reasons to choose organic coffee. It contains no such harmful substances. And is grown organically without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and the like.

Are Organic Coffee K Cups Better?

The “organic” label implies higher quality and standards for growing coffee. It means growing coffee the natural way without using chemicals such as pesticides. And the thing about organic coffee K cups is that they are sustainable.

By sustainable, I mean the K cups are biodegradable. So our landfills are not exploding with plastic K cups that are not easy to get rid of. On the other hand, organic coffee K cups are eco-friendly and fully commercially compostable.

But make sure you’re looking for labels like USDA Organic certified. It’s a good indicator that your coffee is environment-friendly.

Review of the Best Organic Coffee K-Cups Reviewed

1. Caza Trail Organic Extra Bold Medium Roast Coffee

Caza Trail Organic Extra Bold Medium Roast Coffee

Every Caza Trail coffee is prepared using 100-percent Arabica beans. So you don’t have to worry about the coffee beans striking an optimal balance of flavor, body, and aroma. Speaking of which, this medium roast is smooth, even though extra bold. The finish is well-rounded with a full-bodied character and moderate acidity.

And just so you know, the coffee is not only USDA Organic certified but also Kosher certified and Fair Trade certified.

Key Features:

  • An extra bold medium roast that’s full-bodied and smooth
  • 100% Arabica coffee beans
  • K cups compatible with 1.0 and 2.0 Keurig brewers

2. The Organic Coffee Co. Java Love Medium Light Roast Compostable Coffee Pods

The Organic Coffee Co. Java Love Medium Light Roast Compostable Coffee Pods

Jave Love, no doubt, is a medium-light coffee blend that tastes deliciously sweet. The exquisite blend of flavors is reminiscent of cinnamon, caramelized spices, and milk chocolate. Plus, it’s USDA Organic certified and also Kosher certified.

And here’s even better news. The pods, that are compatible with even 2.0 Keurig brewers, are eco-friendly and commercially compostable. Moreover, the coffee is freshly roasted, ground, and packaged.

Key Features:

  • An organic medium-light blend made of 100% Arabica beans
  • Fully compostable K cups built using plant-based materials
  • A strong flavor of medium roast but without its bitterness

3. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Sumatra Reserve K-Cup Pods

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Sumatra Reserve K-Cup Pods

Here’s presenting Sumatran dark roast coffee that’s produced organically. In fact, Green Moutain Coffee Roasters is responsible for offering only sustainably sourced coffee. They want to offer richer, better coffee but that’s also responsibly sourced.

The coffee is packed with flavor, even in a larger mug. It’s as dark as you might expect it to be without much acidity and the “bite” in the end. And the K cups are compatible with all Keurig brewing systems.

Key Features:

  • Sustainably sourced organic dark roast coffee
  • Rich, complex flavors with an intoxicating aroma
  • Warm spices and brown sugar for a sultry, bold experience

4. Newman’s Own Organics Special Blend K-Cup Pods

Newman’s Own Organics Special Blend K-Cup Pods

This medium roast organic coffee is actually a blend of full-bodied, hearty dark and medium roasts. It may be bold, but that boldness is well-refined. It may be strong as well, but that strength is smooth-tasting. Much like these rich, full-bodied strongest K cups.

When K cup coffee tastes like freshly brewed coffee, you know there must be something special about it. No wonder it’s called Newman’s Own Organics Special Blend coffee.

Key Features:

  • USDA Organic, Kosher, and Fair Trade certified
  • A blend of dark and medium roasts
  • Bold and strong yet refined and smooth

5. Cameron’s Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend Single Serve Pods

Cameron’s Coffee Organic Breakfast Blend Single Serve Pods

You have no idea how much of a difference a light, smooth roast with no bitterness can make. And if you really don’t, then maybe it’s time for you to try this organic Breakfast Blend by Cameron’s Coffee.

And let me also tell you that the brand here offers many different flavors like French Vanilla, Italian Roast, Vanilla Hazelnut, etc. as well. The best part about this and every other variety is that they all consist of organic, 100-percent Arabica coffee beans that come from the best coffee growing regions of South and Central America.

Key Features:

  • Flavorful, rich, and smooth light roast coffee
  • Certified compostable K cups pods
  • Coffee acidity is minimal, thus easy on the tummy

6. SF Bay Coffee Organic Rainforest Blend Medium Roast Coffee Pods

SF Bay Coffee Organic Rainforest Blend Medium Roast Coffee Pods

There’s Organic Rainforest, Colombian Supremo, Kona Blend, and a few others. But I’m reviewing the Organic Rainforest version simply because it’s the best medium roast coffee in the organic coffee category.

Plant-based materials are used for creating the eco-friendly and compostable pods. As for the taste, worry not because you’re bound to appreciate the nice and smooth flavor, without having to add any cream by the way.

Key Features:

  • USDA Organic certified medium roast
  • Bold, deep, full-bodied flavors without any bitterness
  • Fully compostable, Keurig 2.0-friendly K cups

7. Real Good Coffee Co Variety Pack Recyclable Coffee Pods

Real Good Coffee Co Variety Pack Recyclable Coffee Pods

So what does the variety pack include? You get USDA Organic Certified Dark Roast, French Dark Roast, Donut Shop Medium Roast, and Breakfast Blend Light Roast. All the coffee pods are compatible with Keurig brewers, even the 2.0 ones.

Classic, 100% Arabica coffee beans are a part of each variety here. So all the flavors prepare strong and bold coffee that tastes delicious every single time.

Key Features:

  • It’s a variety pack that includes light, medium, and dark roast
  • Each flavor tastes like freshly brewed coffee
  • Compatible with 2.0 Keurig brewers

8. Death Wish Coffee Co. Valhalla Java K-Cups

Death Wish Coffee Co. Valhalla Java K-Cups

Bold and even-flavored, Valhalla Java is known for its strong character. And best of all, the K cup coffee is manufactured by none other than Death Wish Coffee Co. It can’t get any better than this!

The capsules, just so you know, are mesh-based and recyclable. With just one cup, you’re sure to feel energized all day long without having to refuel.

Key Features:

  • Very smooth, strong coffee with a fresh aroma
  • Fair Trade and USDA Organic certified
  • Mesh-based capsules are recyclable

9. Peak Performance Coffee Medium Roast Organic K Cups

Peak Performance Coffee Medium Roast Organic K Cups

You can use these K cups with all types of Keurig machines, so that’s a huge relief. Then comes the 100-percent recyclablenature of the K cups. The single-origin coffee here comes from high altitude, so that’s how you know it’s healthier.

The denser coffee beans also mean higher quality grade coffee. Plus, high altitude equals to more antioxidants in your coffee.

But if you’re more concerned about the taste, then you’re highly likely to not be disappointed. Thanks to the rich and smooth flavor with low acidity. So this is great news for those who prioritize buying low acidity, stomach-friendly K cup coffee.

Key Features:

  • USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified
  • High altitude, thus denser medium roast coffee
  • Even though strong and rich, acidity is low

10. Oakland Coffee Works Fourth Wave Blend Organic Coffee

Oakland Coffee Works Fourth Wave Blend Organic Coffee

These Keurig-compatible K cups are packed with full-bodied, smooth organic coffee. That have characteristics similar to those of freshly prepared drip coffee using the best at-home drip coffee maker. You get a deliciously robust cup of quick, convenient coffee every single time.

This Fourth Wave flavor is smooth, no doubt, without any bitter aftertaste. The medium-dark roast also offers a very rich flavor that prepares great coffee without ruining the environment.

Key Features:

  • Certified compostable K cup pods
  • A perfect blend of dark and medium roast
  • The flavor is smooth and rich

11. Wildcrafter Botanicals Organic Coffee K Cups

Wildcrafter Botanicals Organic Coffee K Cups

How about incorporating into your daily morning routine a natural energy booster that’s infused with Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Maca Root, and Rhodiola? This special dark roast coffee contains these botanicals for instilling plenty of health benefits into your coffee-sipping experience.

Needless to say, the dark roast is full-flavored. After all, Colombian coffee is a part of the picture. Speaking of which, if a dark roast is right up your alley, how about getting to know some of the best dark roast K cups that exist for that special flavor.

Furthermore, the energy-boosting super-herbs are so potent, it’s like you’re taking as many as 6 herbal supplements a day.

Key Features:

  • Infused with natural energy-boosting botanicals
  • USDA Organic and Fair Trade certified
  • Dark roast, full-flavored Colombina coffee

12. Peet’s Coffee Organic Alma De La Tierra Dark Roast K-Cup Pods

Peet’s Coffee Organic Alma De La Tierra Dark Roast K-Cup Pods

Organic Alma De La Tierra is all about smoothness, sweet citrus, and chocolate notes. The coffee comes from the high altitudes of Latin America. This dark roast, without the shadow of a doubt, is full-bodied and smoky.

But if you prefer a mild flavor, then there’s a light roast as well. Likewise, for smoothness, Peet’s Coffee offers an aromatic medium roast too.

But, in my opinion, this dark roast variety is the best for those who prefer very rich notes paired with special chocolate undercurrents that don’t have an artificial quality at all.

Key Features:

  • High-altitude coffee with smooth, chocolate notes
  • Smoky and full-bodied dark roast
  • Organic coffee, thus free of chemicals

Where to Buy Organic Coffee?

The simple answer is a third-wave or gourmet coffee shop located in your neighborhood. But what if there isn’t one in your locality? Then allow Coffee Style Today reviews to guide you to their respective Amazon pages. Buying organic coffee online is what most coffee drinkers do these days.

As long as the coffee roaster or manufacturer is a trusted brand, you have nothing to worry about. And our team of coffee experts here only shortlists the best of the best.

And one last thing, we have also reviewed K cups that are compatible with almost every Keurig brewing system, even the more recent 2.0 models.

The End

It’s not just about finding the best organic K cup coffee. The concern also includes the question, is organic K cup coffee better? And if it is, which is a known fact, then are these K cups easily available? YES, as long as there are brands like Newman’s Own, Green Mountain, Peet’s Coffee, Caza Trail, SF Bay Coffee, Death Wish Coffee Co., and more.

These are all superior brands that are dedicated to providing rich coffee while also keeping the condition of the environment in mind. Every one of them is USDA Organic certified. And most of them are also Kosher and Fair Trade certified.

As for why you should be drinking organic coffee, it’s because the coffee is healthier with more nutrients and vitamins. And is grown in a natural, chemical-free way that maintains biodiversity.

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