Best Coffee Makers with Hot Water Dispenser and Water Line for Versatile Brewing

There are millions and millions of coffee drinkers all over the world. When the demand is so high, the supply of coffee machines also has to meet expectations. And that is precisely the case with more and more brands designing more and more technologically advanced at-home brewing systems.

One such gem on the market comes in the form of the best coffee makers with hot water dispenser and water line. Because when you can have access to delicious coffee every time your caffeine cravings arise, then why can’t you have access to hot water for other beverages too!

And it’s so surprising to know that so many top brands have made their coffee makers versatile this way. So you can not only prepare hot coffee and hot tea but also porridge in some of these!

Coffee Makers with A Hot Water Dispenser & Water Line

1. Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffee maker

Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffee maker

This programmable coffee maker by none other than Cuisinart features a hot water system that’s perfect for any beverage you wish to prepare. There’s Brew Pause, carafe temperature control, and 24-hour programmability.

But it’s the dispenser that we liked the most because it gets the job done at the press of a single button. Plus, there’s an indicator light to alert you when the water is hot and ready.


  • Fully-automatic 12-cup coffee maker
  • High, medium, and low carafe temperature settings
  • Hot water on-demand for tea, cocoa, oatmeal, etc.
  • Charcoal filter removes impurities from water
  • Brew Pause function, 24-hour programmability, and removable drip tray


  • It’s a noisy machine
  • Water takes a long time to heat up

2. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker

Even coffee drinkers love the idea of having access to a single-serve dispenser plus a coffee pot in just one single machine. The capacity of the latter, just so you know, is 12 cups. So feel free to make a single serving of hot chocolate or tea with the hot water dispenser or a full pot of your favorite, delicious coffee.

It’s a fully programmable unit, and why wouldn’t it be when the manufacturer is Hamilton Beach. They are also responsible for some of the best on-demand coffee makers. So it should come as no surprise to know that the same brand has crafted such a convenient full-pot and single-serve coffee maker.


  • Fully programmable, 2-way coffee maker with auto shut-off
  • Keep-hot warming plate and brew strength options
  • Extra-large water reservoir for carafe


  • Pouring from the carafe is not entirely drip-free
  • Super-slow brewing in the case of large quantities
  • Plastic lid is not the most durable

3. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

Not only does the Ninja coffee maker have a hot water dispenser, but it also features a fold-away hot and cold milk frother. So those who enjoy rich, silky foam in every cup, be it with coffee or tea, are sure to go bonkers here.

The perfect home brewing system for matcha tea latte, cappuccino, flat white, etc. You can brew multiple sizes – including single-serve, travel mug, and a full carafe. The unique function, no doubt, is Ninja’s exclusive Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology. So you can prepare both hot and over-ice beverages of your choice.


  • Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology for hot and cold drinks
  • 6 different brew sizes – single, half carafe, full-carafe, travel mug, etc.
  • Individual tea and coffee baskets separate the flavors
  • Foldaway milk frother prepares rich and silky microfoam


  • Complaints about condensation and splattering
  • In the case of insufficient water, no indicator installed to alert you

4. Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee maker

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Programmable Coffee maker

It’s just so convenient to have a fully programmable coffee maker that you can use anytime you want as a hot water dispenser too. A perfect brewing system for you if you live with those not as fond of caffeine as you are.

Apart from the side dispenser, the coffee maker has a Delay Brew timer that paves the way for fresh, hot water beforehand. You can also use the Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause function to satisfy your caffeine cravings immediately without having to wait for the full-pot brewing cycle to complete. A simple machine with simple features indeed, which includes hot water dispensing.


  • Programmable coffee maker with 2 separate water reservoirs
  • Hot water station with on and off indicator light
  • Brew Strength Selector and Delay Brew for personalization and convenience
  • Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause to sip coffee before brewing completes


  • Auto shut-off is not adjustable, hence problematic
  • Heating element may quit working sooner than expected

5. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Yes, it’s a Keurig machine, so you’re bound to love the design. But, in this case, what’s also praiseworthy is the ability to choose multiple cup size dispensing.

K-Elite, hands down, is the easiest and fastest to use. You get to boost the boldness and strength of your coffee flavors. In fact, you also get to brew full-flavored, delicious iced coffee.

Moreover, the water reservoir is removable and large for quick refilling and preparing generous amounts of coffee.


  • Programmable single-serve coffee maker with Strong Brew setting
  • Brews different cup sizes – 4 to 12 ounces
  • On-demand hot water for oatmeal, soup, tea, etc.
  • Large, 8-cup capacity water reservoir, also removable for easy refill


  • Water filter holder sits wobbly on the base
  • You cannot see the water level in the reservoir

6. Brew Express BEC-110 Countertop Automatic Filling Coffee System

Brew Express BEC-110 Countertop Automatic Filling Coffee System

Just hook it up to the water source, load your coffee, and press the button. Minimal work and maximum enjoyment for sure. The freshly prepared, piping hot coffee then pours into the insulated carafe.

Speaking of which, this carafe doesn’t have a burner plate, which is good news because then the possibility of your brew giving off a burnt taste is eliminated.


  • Fills automatically once connected to the water line
  • Brews by carafe and cup
  • Insulated carafe keeps brew fresh and hot for hours


  • Slightly flimsy filter holder
  • Cannot accommodate a travel mug

7. Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffee maker

Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffee maker

Yet another Cuisinart coffee maker that dispenses hot water for other beverages separately. On top of that, this one also offers a Rinse button. So you can rinse your cup if you wish to switch from coffee to tea or just plain water.

A large 72-ounce water reservoir, that too a removable one for convenience, means higher capacity and fewer refills. Even the heating element gets the job done in less than a minute. So you can prepare your favorite hot drinks fast!


  • Single-serve and full-pot (12-cup capacity) coffee maker
  • Backlit LCD shows brew size and brew temperature
  • Automatic on/off and a programmable clock
  • Hot Water and Rinse functions included
  • Charcoal water filter to prepare great-tasting coffee


  • Reservoir starts to develop a plastic/chemical smell and taste
  • No space for travel mugs, even with the drip tray removed

8. Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine

Braun here presents a very convenient way to brew multiple single-serve sizes and a carafe. Along with giving you the option of a separate hot water dispenser too, which seems like the major selling point in this article.

As for the coffee machine, it’s equipped with ExactBrew System and FastBrew technology. The first one makes way for optimal brewing on a consistent basis by calculating precise water flow speed and temperature automatically. And FastBrew is responsible for completing the full-pot brewing cycle in less than just 8 minutes.


  • Multi-serve dial and hot water dispenser
  • ExactBrew System enables consistent brewing performance
  • BrewChoice Plus – Bold, Gold, Light, and Over-Ice settings
  • FastBrew heating technology makes a full pot in less than 8 minutes
  • SCAA brewing standards for great taste


  • Coffee grounds not easy to get rid of from filter
  • To avoid overfilling, it brews less than the actual selected cup size
  • Very slow dispensing of hot water

Benefits of Having A Hot Water Dispenser & Water Line

It Saves Time

Boiling water in a traditional kettle demands time, which is not something we seem to have these days, especially in the mornings. So the separate hot water dispensing system of your coffee maker can really make a huge difference.

It’s Efficient and Safe

How about the idea of just pushing one button for dispensing hot water. Rather than running the risk of pouring piping hot water accidentally on yourself. It’s safe, no doubt, and also pretty efficient because the machine is most likely to take less than a minute for heating the water.

It’s Convenient

A hot water station in your coffee maker – nothing gets more convenient than this when you wish to devour ANY hot beverage of your choice!

Essential Factors to Consider

Brew Capacity

Is it a single-serve coffee maker and/or does it brew a full carafe? Your ultimate choice depends on how much coffee you enjoy a day. There are many models we’ve reviewed that give you a single serving and full pot. The full-pot capacity extends to as many as 12 cups.

Brew Options

Does the machine feature brew-strength control settings? For example, Bold, Gold, Light, Over-Ice, etc. Some at-home brewing systems also let you control the brewing temperature. Apart from the separate hot water dispensing station of the coffee maker.

Thermal Carafe

An insulated thermal carafe is a must. Because what’s the point of high-quality brewing when your freshly prepared coffee gets cold in no time. Instead, keep it piping hot and fresh for hours. Make sure your coffee machine comes with a thickly insulated thermal carafe.

Additional Features

  • Automatic Shut-Off – Eliminates the risk of burning your coffee and high electric bills.
  • Indicator Lights & Audible Alerts – The former is usually for indicating the status of the hot water dispenser. And the latter notifies you when brewing is complete.
  • Milk Frother – This particular feature paves the way for delicious, creamy lattes, both tea and coffee.
  • Grab-A-Cup Auto Pause – Also known as Brew Pause, this function allows you to pour yourself a cup of freshly prepared, delicious coffee even before the whole brewing cycle is complete.

How Do You Connect Water Line to Coffee Maker?

The first thing that comes to mind is whether or not your coffee maker can be connected to the water line directly. Yes, it can. However, the type of brewing system you’re using decides how easy and quick this installation part is going to be.

Is the make and model compatible with any Direct Water Line Plumb Kit? If yes, the process, no doubt, is a simple one.

  • If your coffee maker doesn’t have a Plumb Kit integrated into it, you have to buy one and install it by reading the guidelines on the instructions manual.
  • Then purchase some extra connectors and parts that are often not included in such Plumb Kits. Such as a water line adapter, water line tubing, and water filter (the last one is optional).
  • Then complete the whole installation process by setting up the Direct Water Line Filter Kit on the coffee maker.
  • Now, how about hooking up the water line directly without using a Plumb Kit?
  • You can easily buy a DIY Filter Kit, which consists of all instructions, equipment, and parts for connecting just about any at-home brewer to direct water supply. Plus, this kit performs the task of filtering the water as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Water Reservoirs Removable?

When the coffee maker offers hot water dispensing, the water tank is indeed removable. That means easy, quick refilling and even cleaning.

You can also use a direct water line for making the refilling part of the process more efficient and quicker.

Are Water Filters Necessary for Coffee Makers?

Know that hard water from the tap tends to quickly calcify within a coffee maker. Especially if it’s an espresso machine, using filtered tap water is very important for preparing great-tasting coffee.

On top of that, a water filter, quite surprisingly, increases the shelf life of your expensive coffee maker.


This brings us to the end of the post.

You can once again go through the reviews section just to get a better idea of what these coffee makers have to offer. Although keep in mind that the final decision depends on your personal coffee preferences and requirements.

There’s no doubt that a coffee machine with a separate hot water station is very useful. But that’s only the case if you like to savor other types of hot beverages too. Brands like Cuisinart, Hamilton Beach, Keurig, Mr. Coffee. etc. have all made it to this list. So you can rest assured knowing that your purchase is not a waste of money.

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