(2021 Update) Amora Coffee Reviews Based Truth (Is Their Monthly Subscription A Scam?)

You get freshly roasted coffee delivered to you at your doorstep. And you can choose between four delicious flavors and four rich blends. Be it decaf, pre-ground, or cold brew. On top of that, keeping up with the subscription means receiving fun goodies like travel mugs and even a coffee maker. But take notice of the negative Amora Coffee reviews first.

Don’t get disillusioned, not that the brand is directly trying to deceive you. But we’d be lying if we said that they weren’t doing so through a loophole. So find out what the loophole is, or rather was. Along with almost everything with regards to Amora Coffee’s controversial monthly subscription scam and policy.

What Is Amora Coffee?

What Is Amora Coffee?

Amora Coffee, established in 2011, is a coffee/tea store business that works online. So it has a monthly subscription plan for coffee lovers. The brand offers premium-quality coffee, which is freshly roasted each month and delivered to your doorstep.

Amora Coffee coffee is roasted in America using a technique that involves nine stages, instead of just three. The temperature for roasting is between 464 degrees and 527 degrees Fahrenheit. And the roasting time is 30 minutes.

What about the coffee blends? The intensity range is between 1/4 and 4/4. This includes (in descending order) Intenso, Vigoroso, Elegante, and Delicata.

Amora Coffee is such a popular choice because you get fresh coffee. They roast, which means the middle entity is eliminated. As a result, freshly roasted coffee is delivered to you each time.

Is Amora Coffee Legit?

Is Amora Coffee Legit?

So what is the whole Amora Coffee scam all about?

First, to answer the question, Amora Coffee is indeed a legitimate coffee subscription service. But the plan was viewed as somewhat scammy because of its misleading and confusing welcome offer of $1-per-coffee-bag. N doubt, this looked like a suspicious marketing practice bound to give rise to concerns among customers.

But Amora Coffee, eventually, addressed these logical concerns by making the required changes.

Before, Amora Coffee failed to be upfront about charging for your next purchases of additional coffee bags after the free one. Meaning you pay the $1 and then 2 weeks later, receive the free bag of coffee. And after that, you receive another 4 Amora Coffee bags. But for these, you get charged $68.75 (the cost of 1 bag of coffee being $14.95).

But how did that happen? When customers ticked the ‘I agree’ box at the time of checkout, they unknowingly subscribed to receive a new batch of Amora Coffee every month. So that’s 4 coffee bags, thus a total of $68.75 each month.

And it’s very hard to not view this whole “confusion” as a dubious move by Amora Coffee.  The word FREE, after all, is spotted quite a lot on their website.

But the good news is that their team has now changed such questionable and misleading Terms and Conditions.

What Is Amora Coffee Special?

Amora Coffee’s Exclusive or Special offer is receiving a free half-pound bag of freshly roasted coffee, which is valued at $14.95. But keep in mind that the delivery isn’t completely free. However, the brand has only recently cleared this confusion on its page to avoid seeming scammy.

But earlier, you had to enter your credit card details for the packaging and shipping costs. And that’s how you were charged subsequently for the new batch of 4 bags of coffee.

But now you know that you get the “free” half-pound bag for a dollar and, at the same time, you also subscribe to the monthly plan of $68.75 that delivers a new batch of 4 Amora Coffee bags per month.

How to Order from Amora Coffee?

The ordering process, no doubt, is very easy and straightforward. You choose from the 4 blends and 4 flavors the brand has to offer. Light to very dark roasts plus flavors that include Chocolate Truffle, French Vanilla, Hazelnut & Cinnamon, and cold brew.

Then each blend is available in a pre-ground or whole bean version. And in decaf or regular version. The flavored coffees, however, are caffeinated and pre-ground.

You receive your order within 2 days, which means you receive freshly roasted coffee.

Also, the shipping fee for the first order is $1. But for future shipments, you have to shell out $8.95. You can change the frequency of shipping and adjust coffee varieties. Along with deciding to cancel the monthly subscription altogether.

How to Cancel Amora Coffee Online Subscription?

Simply call the number 1-855-642-6672. Or you can even drop them an email at customerservice@amoracoffee.com. It’s better to both phone and mail along with canceling your subscription on their website just to be sure it happens and that you’re not charged any longer.

Personally talking to a customer service representative should get the job done. The hours to call are between 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening, EST time of course. And that’s from Monday through Friday.

As for their official address, it’s 5815 Carmichael Road, Montgomery, Alabama 36117.

And just in case they don’t respond to the email, which seldom happens, you can visit their BBB (Better Business Bureau) profile and send them an email through that platform.

Amora Coffee Terms and Conditions

When you tick the box that says I agree…, you’re also agreeing to get charged monthly for 4 bags of Amora Coffee. So the $1 “free” bag ties you up to their monthly subscription plan. You agree to it unknowingly of course. But then you can always cancel your subscription whenever you like.

Amora Coffee provides you with 30 days return policy. So you can either get a complete refund or replace the order.

The credit card details you HAVE to enter for the sake of “convenience.” But ask yourself, if the half-pound of coffee bag they claim to be “free” is actually free of cost, then why put down your credit card details, to begin with?

Amora Coffee Terms

Why Can’t You Give Your Debit Card Details Instead for Payment?

This one’s still being figured out. I mean why can’t you simply just pay $1 using your debit card? No one knows yet.

Although Amora Coffee now gives you an alternate payment option, which is PayPal. But then remember that only active members of the brand’s home delivery plan get access to perks and goodies. Such as a scoop with the second order, a canister with the third order, and travel mugs with orders from 4 to 7.

On top of that, there are unique reserve blends and single-origin coffees that are a part of the brand’s random special offers.

Is the Amora Coffee Maker Truly Free?

It depends if you think it makes sense to pay for something only to get something else for free. Meaning first you have to pay for 2 Amora Coffee bags plus shipping/handling fees. So that’s a total of $38.85. And then you get the Amora Coffee Maker for free.

How to Make Amora Coffee (Brewing the Perfect Pot of Amora Coffee)

This indeed is a calculated process involving a specific technique that’s based on your personal preferences. That means feel free to use any method of brewing, be it French Press, pour-over, or an automatic drip coffee maker.

Using Automatic Drip Machine

  • If you purchased Amora Coffee whole bean, then make sure the grind size is medium-fine as that works the best with drip.
  • Place the filter into the filter basket. In the case of a reusable filter, it should be clean.
  • Now here’s the coffee-to-water ratio. 1 tablespoon ground coffee per 6 ounces water. But if you want your Amora Coffee to have a slightly weaker strength, then add fewer grounds. As for a stronger brew, use more coffee grounds of course.
  • Also, make sure the water you’re using is cold and filtered.
  • Also, make sure the water you’re using is cold and filtered.
  • Finally, bring in your finishing touches of sugar or cream.

Using Pour-Over

  • The most suitable grind size for pour-over coffee is medium-coarse, be it for a manual pour-over or one of our top-rated automatic pour-over coffee makers that prepare a quick yet flavorful brew.
  • Place the cone-shape filter into the dripper and position that over an appropriately-sized cup or any other vessel.
  • With pour-over, you enjoy more control when it comes to the speed of brewing.
  • As for the coffee-to-water ratio, use 2 tablespoons ground Amora Coffee per 6 ounces water.
  • Water should be heated to 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Remember that 212 degrees Fahrenheit is the standard boiling point of water.
  • Now slowly pour hot water over your coffee grounds into the dripper. Starting in the center and then around the divot, all the while pouring in concentric circles.
  • Once all the water is absorbed through and drips into your coffee cup below, it’s time to enjoy your freshly prepared brew.

Using French Press

  • If you own a French Press, then it means your coffee preferences are heavy-bodied. In that light, the grind size should be medium-coarse. So you’d rather purchase Amora Coffee whole bean and then grind the coffee beans on your own at home, even without a grinder.
  • Use 2 tablespoons Amora Coffee per 6 ounces water. Add the coffee grounds into the carafe. But first, remove the plunger from it.
  • Once again, the water temperature should be between 195 degrees and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, and not touching the boiling point at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Pour hot water into the carafe directly, then stir gently.
  • Place the plunger into the carafe right above the waterline. Let this stand for around 4 minutes. After that, steadily press down the plunger till it hits the base of that carafe.
  • Now just pour your coffee and add your cream, sugar, etc.

No matter the brewing method, Amora Coffee tastes authentic, fresh, and delicious. And you can always tweak the coffee-to-water ratio depending on how weak or strong you want your brew to taste.

All Amora Coffee Reviews and Complaints

We are a team of honest, unbiased coffee experts, which means you should expect nothing but the truth from us. In that light, it’s safe for us to tell you that the majority of feedback that Amora Coffee receives is negative. But in defense of Amora Coffee, the change to their Terms and Conditions has only just recently taken place. So the future might look different.

The marketing strategy, or tactics if you may, employed by the brand, even though misleading, are legal.

The rating on Yelp is 1.5/5 stars.

On the popular American review platform Yelp, there are complaints regarding the entire confusion of the ambiguous monthly subscription plan.

On top of that, many have complained about poor customer support as well. Seems like customer representatives are not all too helpful when you tell them you want to cancel your shady Amora Coffee subscription.

The rating on Pissed Consumer is 1.7/5 stars.

Moving on to yet another very popular online reviews and complaints platform, Pissed Consumer. Even here, the customers are completely bent out of shape because of the brand’s deceitful, deceptive monthly plan.

The top 3 complaints are false marketing/advertisement, scam site, and poor customer service.

The rating on Better Business Bureau is 3.5/5 stars.

And last but not least is Better Business Bureau, where Amora Coffee gets a slightly better recognition. Because BBB lists the brand as an authorized business, and it has been that way since 2012.

Nevertheless, based on people’s reviews on the online platform of this private organization that promotes marketplace trust, it’s hard to dismiss the many complaints about the brand using fraudulent offers. In fact, before Amora Coffee updated its Terms and Conditions, BBB provided a warning on the Amora Coffee page.


So what’s the final verdict?

Amora Coffee Subscription – Advantages

  • Coffee is available in both pre-ground and whole bean
  • Coffee is available in both decaf and regular
  • Coffee is available in different flavors and blends

Amora Coffee Subscription – Disadvantages

  • Misleading, confusing welcome offer
  • Not exactly affordable
  • Tarnished brand reputation
  • Poor customer support

But one thing you now know for certain is EVERYTHING. Meaning you have read the truth and possible misunderstanding about Amora Coffee. All this information here is based on heavy research. So feel free to take on the monthly subscription plan to judge for yourself. Just do it willingly and knowingly, that’s all.

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